Starting EDT This Week

Starting edt this week and was wondering if someone w/knowledge could tell me if this looks good.
Mon-squats & chins
d.b curls & rope xtensins
front raise & hanging leg raises

Wed- inc bench & seated rows
ez curl overhead xtensions
side lat. raises & rollouts (abs)

Fri.- bench & p-ups
military- each arm
b-bell curls & dips
appreciate any help, or advice

I’d rearrange the exercises: incline bench press on wednesday, and flat bench press on Friday seems to be too much in too short a time.

I experimented some with EDT and find it a motivating, effective and intense way of training. But I did not shoot for 60-70 reps as suggested, stayed between 35 and 55 reps per exercise instead.

Seems like you have a lot of push movements, and while you have some pulls, they aren’t balanced. Friday is especially out of whack… 3 heavy pushes, 1 pull, and 1 arm flexion. While it’s okay to be a bit off balance on one particular day, you want to be balanced through a micro cycle and you don’t want to have a demand on one movement in a day so that it compromises performance. This is the core of EDT, maximizing performance with each session, not maximizing exposure/trauma/fatigue.

Some of my favorite pairings:

front squat/ab roll out
-this pairs hip extension with hip flexion… good stuff
deadlift variation/push up
inverted body row/floor db tri extension
KB snatch R/L
face pull/Tate press
1 leg squat R/L
overhead press variation/hammer curl
db floor press/bb row variation
Swiss ball leg curl/rear delt movement or other small movement