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Starting Early


Hey new to the forum found it today and am already liking it. Im really trying to get a better body for the good of me. I think im a little overweight I dont know my body fat % though. Im currently on a dive team 5 nights a week hour and a half at least each day. my flexibility is great for a 12 year old. But i got a little problem my team is an international team and so im eventually gonna need to wear those napkins they call swimsuits. but i have another problem im pretty short and not the muscleman type and for some reason fights are getting all too common at my school so i want to look and feel better for really three reasons...

Look half decent in a speedo
Be ready if someone picks a fight
and really to just feel better about myself

so if anyone could point me in a direction to help me thatd really help



Hey Seeking Help,

This is the best place to start off:

Take some time and read it over and it will get you started in the right direction.

Welcome to the site


Well, how much time do you have to devote to your personal issue?
Are you really tired and sore after these meets?


i give what time i have school ends at 2 30 i get home at 3 dive team is usually at 4 to 6 or 7 and it takes half an hour to get there then i got homework which if it takes me an hour i go work out what little i can because my parents worry about me overdoing it as a 12 year old but if it takes like 2 hours i really cant because thats where mom and dad draw the line for me at 9 o clock at night no more working out or anything


Really seems youll be getting one hell of a workout at the team though. If anything..id suggest working harder and harder at that. Thatll shed weight...

Dont go overboard though. You ARE 12. If anything id suggest doing olympic style lifts when you are off-season from swimming. If you ever are..that is. Read more about them.

Maybe you could do some bodyweight exercises before school in the morning. Pushups, situps, etc. Id say thats the best idea. Seems like youd be overtraining otherwise.


Guys i think this is a troll. How many twelve year olds would write an article like that?


Sorry but whats a troll?


I second that...


I think this is up for grabs on the troll but if you are real just do pushups and situps as many as u can when u get u and go to bed that should help a 12 year old.