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Starting Dose of 200mg/Week?

Persistently high SHBG means you need to do one of two things: take more test or lower SHBG. Both are easy, but one comes with more potential issues than the other.

I think there is a third option. Take test and see what impact that had on shbg. Adjust protocol from there. Some get a pretty big drop in shbg, mine went down 4 points, so it didn’t have much impact on my shbg (started at 36 pre trt), but others get a bigger drop.

I suppose this could fall into your option 2.

Yeah sure that’s an option I guess. But it’s way less fun.

Sorry to hijack. How long does it take for SHBG to drop if its going to on test only? I’m about 4 weeks in to test only. Thinking if doing bloods at 8 weeks

If it is going to drop, I generally see it in four to six months continuing up to a year until leveling off.

Here’s the history of mine… started at 151. It has stabilized in the 60’s after about a year

April 2019 to April 2020:

December 2019 through now:

Damn that is high. What was the final protocol that worked for you? You seems to be in the same starting spot as me… acceptable total T, but low free T.

Long story for me, but “usually” I take 210mg/week. That gets free T to right at the high end of the normal range. I’ve had some other issues lately with sinuses and panic attacks, so I’ve cut it way back so my levels are back down to at the low end of “normal” right now

Interesting. At 200mg, did you notice a radical difference mentally/physically then pre-trt levels?

Better, yes

Absolutely night and day life changing, no

I’ve had issues since stopping finasteride (which led me to TRT) so I think my situation is a little weirder than most

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ncsugrad2002 - weren’t you doing cream at what time - why the switch?

Yes, I’ve tried cream twice.

The first time I just got tired of slathering cream on 2x a day and planning sex around it, etc. so it got to the point I thought injections would be less of a headache, so I switched to injections.

Second time I tried adding a small amount of cream on top of injections to see what happened but for whatever reason around that time I had starting having issues with panic attacks and T cream was like caffeine to me, so I didn’t try it long.

My shbg started out at, at least high 60’s. I didn’t get it checked before starting, that’s after 4 months of treatment. It’s stabilized in the mid 20s now.

Saw recently that Larry Wheels shbg was at 3.3, but given what he probably takes that’s, perhaps, not surprising.