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Starting Dose of 200mg/Week?

I have talked clinics a few online clinics and it sounds like the starting default dose it 200mg/ week + hcg. And then dialing down/up after.

It seems like the prevalent wisdom here and other forums is start with 100mg and dialing up from there.

Would people just “go” with the 200mg, actually take the 100mg week and stockpile the extra for later? Take bloods and adjust from there?

Starting test is 550–700 range (good)
Free test is in the toilet (very low) - high shbg
Everything else looked normal

Ruled out other factors like thyroid, etc.

FWIW I would start with solo Test to begin with until you are close to dialed in. I’m not crazy about HCG and some guys don’t feel well on it. If you want to add it in after you find your sweet spot by all means.

I’m on the side of the fence that thinks 200mg/wk is unnecessarily high for most people even high SHBG guys. But its your body and you can try what you like. Don’t mess around with stock piling and lying to your doc from the get-go. Get dialed in on a good protocol and its all you will need.

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Thanks. I am on HCG Mono right now, and no negative effects with it (just not getting me to where i want to be/feel).

Do you think something like 150mg is a better middleground/starting points for high SHBG.

My last SHBG test had me in the mid-80’s

With high shbg like that, i’d start high. At least 150mg

Yeah that’s very high. I would agree with @roscoe88 that at least 150mg/wk seems correct but if you want to start at 200mg go for it. You’re not going to hurt anything in the short term but if your FT/TT are out of range don’t get pissed if your doc lowers your dose. Some clinics don’t care and some still want you in range although top of range is almost universally acceptable at all clinics (not endos).

thanks for the quick replies… At 200mg, would you put AI on top of it to start? Or baseline 6 weeks or so and see how I feel / test results.

Like @blshaw said, I am trying to minimize changes.

No AI.


I just started TRT this week and they put me on .5ml of 200mg test cyp so, 100mg a week. I’m using trt because of prior use and I’m more comfortable starting at the lower end because I was luckily and didn’t suppress my test too much. If needed, I can always increase. I’m also pinning m-f with sin pins. I would consider that as well.

Thanks for the replies. This was very useful!

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Most of your E2 will be bound by the shbg.

ai’s are only for last resort. And usually for those that may have lower shbg imo.

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Start with the prescribed 200mg. It should be good to go

I don’t start anyone less than 140mg, with most at 160-180. 100mg is not going to do it for you. With SHBG that high, you’ll need to run total test pretty high so I’d probably go ahead with 200mg, or at least 180mg.

Regarding hCG, why are you using it?

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It as an alternate option from the clinic I was working with to see if it would have much of an effect. I have higher LH already, so didn’t appear to do much. Feel marginally better and maybe a placebo effect the first few days.

I wouldn’t mind staying on it + T, at least for the short term, as we are on the fence if we want to have another kid or not.

what level of shbg did you have? did you have problems with erection and libido with your results?

SHBG is 80-85 right now. Low libido, but no functional issues

I would take 150 and add proviron to lower SHBG. But you’re in the trt section and I’m giving you a pharma answer. (Never mind that it’s the correct answer)

Doesn’t proviron just drop it temporarily? And can you take Proviron indefinitely

Yes and yes.

The drop is temporary in that it will eventually revert to the mean once you stop taking it. But that doesn’t happen instantly.

The risk of taking proviron, even on an eod basis just for the SHBG effect, is that you’ll go broke doing it. Otherwise it’s extremely well tolerated and safe. I would trade that risk for the chance to have a lower test dose. But that’s me and others may have a different opinion. Keep in mind that at 200/w you’re basically maxed out. If you don’t feel well on that dose and can’t get your SHBG under control you’ll have to do something else anyway, so why not consider doing that before you hit the limits of what a doctor wil prescribe you?

Can take proviron solo without hpta block?

So realistically, you would go on short cycles to drop it and maximize free test. Monitor shbg every few months (with other bloodwork) and once it gets to a certain point try and cycle again… right?

As you said probably not the right forum though :slight_smile: