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Starting Dosage for Alpha Male

I’ve been taking a different T booster and now I’m going to start using Alpha Male. I was at the “mid” level dosage and I felt a good difference (sex drive and gonads increased noticably). I was wondering with the effectivness of Alpha Male, would it be a good idea to start with the full 6 caps a day?

I’m 26 245# 20%bf, I also take reg. HOT-ROX along with green tea extract, fish oil, multi vit, calcium, ZMA. I eat 80% clean (getting better each month).

I do two different FB WO a week with one more to fill in the gap if I’m able. I use Heavy bags and play tennis and do various cardio. So I’m active 3-6 days a week.

I hope I adressed all possible angles. Thanks for the responses.

Honestly I would say as with any supp, or med. to start at the lowest dose and see how that effects you.

Not always does MORE=Better.

Just my take.

I’m with Phill on this one. I started taking Alpha Male a few weeks back and just gradually built up my dosage since I had no idea my reaction to it (I can be pretty sensitive to what I put in my body, so I always have to start slow).

I am now up to 5X a week with 6 caps (3 in the AM, 3 in 6 hours later) and 2X week off. No problems at all. :slight_smile:

Good idea, it might save me some $ to.