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Starting DogCrapp


After spending last year doing 531 i'd like to try getting bigger as a preferance to getting stronger for a while(6months - year) I've considered trying HIT and some more generic programs, but everyone on this site seems to really enjoy DC, so I'd like to try it!

Is there a deffinitive article or Ebook that explains what it is?
I've learned a fair bit from google... but before I try this variant or that I'dl ike to see it all layed out.

If there is, where is it?


I've tried looking myself but all there seems to be is what pops up on google. Its simple enough though and I seem to remember there being a DC Training thread in the BB section somewhere. You can check in there and ask around. I think Cephalic Carnage does or did DC, so he is probably the man to ask.




There is an entire forum dedicated to DC. I cannot post a link as it's a competitor site, I think.

Google "Doggpound DC Training" and the first link should be what you're looking for.

There are also several very long DC threads here, one in our bodybuilding forum, one in t-cell alpha.

Post your questions there.

The article linked by B.L.U. Ninja explains most of the basics of the 2-way variant, but it is not sufficient to begin your DC journey...

However... DC is not that useful for beginners... You don't have much margin for error training that way, you need a very well equipped gym, a good amount of strength, a lot of experience (setup and technique etc), need to have your diet in order...
It's mostly there to help advanced guys take it a step further, not for beginners and intermediates to build their base... There are better options for that.

What numbers are you putting up, what is your height and weight, years training etc... If you have trouble gaining size using 5/3/1, your diet and assistance template are probably to blame... Which kind of also means a lack of experience (no offense meant though).

It's more useful to have all the basics down than just switch routines and hope that that will do the trick. It rarely does.


hmmmn; thats a good point, after reading the set up for DC i couldn't help thinking that i would be doing all the same things that i wasn't gaining size with...except in a different order (and with rest pause).

I have about 7 years training with weights, although much of that is from when i played rugby as a teenager/undergrad so it wasn't hypertrophy focused. (lots of stuff with dumbels and sprints as I was a scrum half)

after about a year of quitting rugby and making up my own programs until I saw one of my old friends exstatic over a new 1rep max for his squat

The past year or so I went from relearning how to squat and deadlift as a lurker here and on a few other sites. I also had some trouble with some broken ribs, from oct-jan, so that slowed me down a lot.

deadlift 356
squat 220 (i have been having some trouble getting my numbers up since the broken ribs, I think its as much a problem with my technique as anythin else as my leg press is 460)
bench 196 (again this is pretty embarasing)

as a party trick i can also do a pull up with 66lbs of extra weight, and before my rib trouble could do it with 90.

I'll weigh myself on monday.. next time I am at the gym. I am probably 160 ish at best.

Food wise I eat tons but i think between high stress levels, and inconsistency I can sometimes slip back weightwise.

the next three months I am hopefully going to be doing some relaxing work in new zeland, so i am hoping to take advantage of it and do some growing.


Okay, how long ago was that rib injury? If it's still bothering you, an all-out strength/mass routine like DC really isn't a good idea.

See if you can have your rib issues fixed somehow so that you can train without discomfort (else you'll have to avoid some of the big exercises or go easy on them, which kind of sucks)...

In the mean-time, check the bodybuilding forum's "best of T-Nation" sticky. It has links to all relevant threads about how some of our more experienced members train, general discussions on muscle-groups, diet, etc.

I could just give you a few routines to choose from and some help with your diet, but that rib injury is first priority.

The good thing is that it shouldn't be too hard to get to ~200 lbs of bodyweight for you, probably no more than a year if even that as you're strength and size wise pretty much a complete beginner by bbing or powerlifting standards... Once you get your diet in order and the injury out of the way, you should be able to make some very fast progress.

Still playing any sports?



After the rib injury I decided it was time to quit everything, I occasionally do recreational parkour, but stuff thats fairly unlikely to injure me. The rib is fine, for a while i couldn't bench press more than 100lbs, but eventually it healed. I still haven't relearnt how to use abdominal pressure on my lifts because it used to hurt so much, but i am pretty much fine!

I might not be ready for dogcrap, as I don't think i could eat enough carbwise if I stopped at 6, or if I was running three times a week.


so sorting out diet.

Currently I eat as much as I physically can. I like roast chicken/beef/lamb and i have a roast most nights, so i get most of a kilo most days, as well as shitloads of potatoes and veg.

my breakfast is mainly cereal, and sometimes a protien shake (I often feel like pukking if i eat a lot early)

for snacks I generally carry round snack boxes with boiled eggs and left over meat with poptatoes, as well as fruit,


Is ther any gapping hole?