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Starting Cycle... Opinions Welcome

New to the site and wanted to intro.

Fairly in shape, 5’9" 170 lbs, eat well and no drinking, just quit smoking so cardio lacks, hit gym 3 times a week for the last four years 2 hours per session. Lots of protein in the diet and 6 portion meals a day.

I am starting my first cycle and wanted to see what you guys think. I researched it for a while and spoke with many on what I wanted to accomplish and this is what we came up with. I was looking to build mass as I have a hard time building mass naturally…tend to get low body fat with little muscle mass gain.

1 x 50mg d-bol/day
250mg Test Enant 2/week
200mg Deca Durabolin 2/week

Just started this week and really already feel the water retention, but find that I tend to sweat a lot of it out quickly.

Well…there’s my intro. Glad to meet all of you.

Judging solely on your “Fairly in shape” statement you have started too early. In doing this, you are going to have a hard time making gains naturally after your cycle.

How old are you again?

Also… I have a feeling by your “intro” that your inability to build mass naturally is coming from your diet and training. One thing for sure is you’re spending too much time in the gym during each session.

Since you’ve already started and probably wont quit regardless of what anyone says… why not post your diet and workout and maybe a few of us can critique it for you so you get the most out of this cycle.

Edit:: How long do you plan on running the test/deca and dbol?


p.s. i know you already have your PCT ready to go… you wouldnt dare start without having this ready right?

Don’t wanna sound like a dick but, if you want our opinion you could have waited befoir starting your cycle

your doses seam a lil high for a first, the d-bol is usualy 2O-30mg for a first

test E 500mg/week?
Deca 400mg/week?

you could drop the deca for next time so you can gauge how your body reacts to the d bol and test

What is your pct gonna be like?

Glade to meat you too

I would suggest running the test and deca at a 5:3 ratio; that is, 500mg/test for every 300mg/deca. That will help with the suppression of the sides from the deca.

I also must agree that the reason you are likely having a hard time putting on mass has a lot to due with your training and not your genetic ability.

2 hours in the gym 3 times a week is not the right path.

i agree with what everyone has already said…

170 and sort of in shape is not a high enough degree of experience to be using gear. If your results have been poor up until using gear I am pretty sure they will be poor on gear.

dbol puts water in me at a speed of about a pound a day for the first week or two so it can be deceiving that you are making gains whn you are really just gaining water weight. If you aren’t training properly you will take a piss or two when you cycle is done and you will be left with nothing.

your deca to test ratio is a little high as these guys have said. you may be ok running it like that but you may start getting your libido suppressed. i would recommend running it at 5:3 like these guys have said and make sure you stop the deca a few weeks before the test because the deca will stick around for a lot longer (at least 2 weeks).

you would be best to post your workout plan and diet to see if some of the vets would be willing to help you out. I am sure you would see some very good gains from simply making some changes to diet and training let alone the gear.

Carefully read my post and FuriousGeorge’s post… trying to help you get the gains you are desiring. AAS arent going to just give you muscle with no work.


p.s. welcome to tnation

well i guess it has been concluded u arnt ready but if u decide to continue…run the test higher or the deca lower and split that dbol tab in half so u can split it up. Also i dont know if you have considered how long u wanna run all of it for but i recommend running the test and deca 12 wks and the dbol between 4-6 wks. also u might wanna check out the test taper sticky

500mg/week of Test E are too high for a first timer? I’m not a vet nor am I fully versed on proper AAS protocol but I’m under the impression that one should maximize the stock settings of the body before taking the leap. Since you’re already on I wish you best of luck. Keep us posted.