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Starting CW's Muscle Revolution Program

I just finished reading Muscle Revolution, Waterbury’s new book. A friend of mine let me borrow the book and it was so good and full of information I’ve decided to buy the book just so I don’t feel like I’m cheating CW out of any cash! Anyway the book is awesome and a great addition to anyones library of training info.

I decided after finishing the book that I was going to use CW’s list of programs for strength and size. I am not new to his training principles and his ideas, and I have used many of his methods to construct some of my own programs.

The set up for strength and size in his book is a series of progressing programs, enough material for 1 year. I plan on following each of these programs to the T and keeping detailed notes and logs of my workouts on this thread. I will update this everyday or every other for the next year and will provide monthly photos, monthly measurement (weight, myotape measurements and body fat caliper measurements).

Later today or tonight I’ll post some pictures and measurements and a background of my lifting experience, along with my first w/o that I just finished up a few minutes ago.

Hopefully this year long log will help some people out, and if you have any questions you can PM me, I’ll be glad to help you out if I can…

Awesome!! good luck! i bought the book the day it came out, and never really followed any of his programs but

i am starting his 10/10 program and from there will probably start with his book.

probably wait to see how i look and feel after the 10/10 to see where i will start in the book!

what program are you starting with and how will the progression be with his workouts?

Once I finish up wih Starr’s 5x5 I will be following also. I am just starting from the beginning and following it through.

I planeed on doing this last year but had a few set backs haha.

Have fun with it and keep us updated.

The first program CW recommends for the goal of muscle mass and strength is Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy. Heres what day 1 looked like:

60 second rest before moving on to next superset exercise:
A1: Flat Bench @ 80% 1RM
10x3 set/rep scheme
Weight: 205 lbs
A2: Seated Row @ 80% 1RM
10x3 set/rep scheme
Weight: 150 lbs
B1: Preacher Curl @ 80% 1RM
5x3 set/rep scheme
Weight: 100 lbs
B2: Decline DB Tricep Ext. @ 80% 1RM
5x3 set/rep scheme
Weight: 90 lbs

I was able to hit all of the required reps in each set for each exercise with out too much trouble (got a little tired on the bench my last 2 sets, but completed all the reps with good form)

I didn’t actually know my 1RM on my bench or Rows, since I haven’t really maxed out in a few months, I just used this calculator www.exrx.net/Calculators/OneRepMax.html
To figure out my bench I just took a weight that I had gone to failure with very recently which happened to be 225 for 6 reps.

I’ll post a few pictures, measurements and a quick overview of my lifting background tonight around 10ish.

By the way Day 2 is an off day, so I might just do a short (15 min.) interval session like Waterbury suggests in his book.

I’ll also be posting my diet everyday so that’ll be on here around 10 also.

Alright, heres the stuff I promised.

Chest, right in the middle of the pec: 42"
Just under the pec: 36"
across my bb: 30.5"
waist: 30.5"
right and left bicep, no flex: 14"
right bicep flex: 15.5"
left bicep flex: 15.25"
left thigh: 22"
right thigh: 20.5" (more on why this measurment is low in a minute)
left calf: 14"

Bodyfat (taken this morning upon rising, with calipers that Ive used for a while, so I know what I’m doing): 7.0% at 152.1 lbs.

a quick bit of background on my lifting:

started lifting recreationally in high school as a senior at 5’9" and only 120 pounds, maybe a few pounds more but not much more. Like everyone I didnt know what I was doing during these time and didnt gain much size. My freshamn year of college pretty much went the same. My freshamn year during the summer is when I put on a lot of mass, I went from about 130 to just over 140 in 3 months. I now am a Junior and this morning weighted in at 152.1.

I’ve used most body part split routines and in just the past few months switched to full body training, with some good success. The reason my right leg is an inch and a half smaller and has no calf is because, well I dont have one and never had one. I am a below the knee amputee, pretty much since birth, but it has never held me back.

my diet today was just over 3500 calories with a ration of 45/35/20 (C/F/P).

Heres some starting pics

awesome stats man!!

nice will power as well, i commend you on a nice job with what God(if ya believe in one?) has given to ya!

i did notice your c/p/f and was wondering why you take in more carbs and fat oppsed to protein?

looking very good already.
hope you do keep us updated with stats and pics for a year.
good luck!


Thank you for catching my mistake. My ratio was 45/35/20 (C/P/F) @ 3500 calories. Sorry for any confusion with that. I tend to grow better with higher carbohydrates and lower fat intake and I try and keep my protein intake above 240 everyday. By the way thank you for props on my stats.

Today is an off day from lifting, I ended up doing 15 minutes of intervals (15 second sprint, 90 second light jog/fast walk).

I’ll have my diet online around 9 30 or so tonight.

TRE! no prob man! keep up the good work!!

yeah the ratios where a bit off, but thats cool.

So better off of carbs huh?

After the 10/10 of Waterbury’s i may go strait


just to see how everything goes?


yeah Waterbury actually suggests starting at the 33/33/33 for keeping fat off and building some muscle and also for continued fat loss.


thanks for the compliment, and you can be sure that I’ll keep updating.

and now off to class.

just had my second last meal of the day and I already know what I’m having for my final meal, so heres today diet.

3128 calories
42/37/21 (C/P/F) ratio

By the way I keep track of all of my foods and intake on fitday.com. I custom food nearly all of my foods as well, so I know that my intake is pretty much right on.

day 3 of abbh 1 looked like this:

60 seconds between each exercise:
A1: Front Squat @ 60% 1RM
5x10 set/rep scheme
Weight: 155 lbs.
*all of these reps were full ROM, my thighs would touch calves.
A2: Reverse Crunch @ 60% 1RM
5x10 set/rep scheme
Weight: 50 lbs.
A3: Standing calf raise
5x10 set/rep shceme
Weight: 95 lbs.
*note that this is only one calf working here, not 2.

This workout was great, my back was crazy pumped after doing just a few sets of front squats and rev. crunches. Got through all sets with 10 reps for all without much of a problem, my legs and back will definitley feel this tomorrow.

I’ll post my diet later tonight, and tomorrow (day 4) is another off day, although I might do another interval session.

diet for today

Ratio of 46/34/20 (C/P/F) @ 3520 calories

Day 4 of abbh 1 is an off day, I opted to not do any intervals today, my legs are pretty sore. I’ll have my diet posted later on tonight.