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Starting Creatine While on Vacation?

I received my order yesterday from the big sale! Included was creatine, and I will be taking it for the first time. I will be living in a beach house for the next week and will be able to do body exercises and elastic band exercises. Should I start the loading phase while doing this or wait til I’m back and using the normal equipment?

THis shouldn’t really matter. Everyone and anyone will tell you both, sure go ahead, or wait. On top of that, some wil lsay loading is necessary, some will not. I say go ahead, it wont kill you. You don’t really have to load, but Biotest is so inexpensive its not a problem. Other brands half or more of a cantainer are used up in the loading phase and the cost to benefit is not there.

Experinces vary widly with creatine too. Some get great results (possibly placebo), otehr, like me, see marginal, if any ‘results.’ i continue to use it becaseu of the fact that there is plenty of research out tehre supporting its use. and its so dang inexpensive, its like… less than one cent per serving…

summary, do waht ever the hell you want!
:wink: its will most likely NOT cause a significant training response and effect in one week.

i wish i were in a beach house right now…

It makes no difference. The exercise you are during will have no effect on reaching creatine saturation. You can go ahead and load.

[quote]SamuraiWannaBe wrote:

i wish i were in a beach house right now…[/quote]

Ya, it ain’t so bad being a poor college kid…