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Starting Carb Cycling - Ramping Up Intake


Coach Thibaudeau,

I just started following the program you outlined in your carb cycling codex article, and I had a question about the rate of increasing my caloric intake to start following your recommended guidelines.

My body has unfortunately had to adapt to me foolishly lifting 4.5 days a week while performing 8-12 hours of cardio, and all that overtraining had left me rapidly losing weight while eating ~2750 calories a day (I think it was almost all fat, at least).

Some days I would burn off over 2000 calories exercising, and while it was probably a very bad idea to do so, my body has necessarily had to get used to such a huge daily caloric deficit. I'm looking to turn things around, and now that I'm very lean, I would like to put on as much muscle as possible while staying at low levels of bodyfat.

As a 6'2'', ~175 lb, rather lean 24 year old male, for bulking you suggest that I eat closer to 3700 calories a day and then adjust as necessary to put on lean weight. My question is, how quickly should I bump my intake up to 3700? I have no current plans to include any cardio in my routine for the moment (and in any case, certainly not 8-12 hours a week anymore), and am afraid of increasing my intake too quickly and putting on the fat I've worked so hard to take off (this is the first time in my life I've been in very good shape).

I've started eating your recommended values for protein and carbs (with the rest of my intake coming from fat), but am currently only taking in ~3000 calories a day, which is 700kcals and ~79g fat shy of the amount you would recommend to start in your codex. How soon should I start adding those additional fat calories in?

I'm starting a new 5 day bodybuilding split program, making sure I get adequate rest, and would like to start eating more as soon as would be wise to do so; I'm very happy with how I look, and would like to avoid putting on fat as much as possible. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration, I really appreciate all the time and effort you've put into this site and all of your articles.