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Starting Bulk


over the last three months i have been cutting and i have leaned down a lot and cut about 25 pounds ( i had some fat to loose ) i am happy with where i am at! i cut my carbs added cardio 3 times a week plus i play hockey ( not serious anymore as in my previous posts i was playing serious hockey 7 days a week now its only 3-4 times a week).

my diet now i eat carbs mostly before my wokrout so first 3 to 4 meals a days with a protein and vegtable ie. (chicken, rice, carrots etc and other variations of this combo protein carb veg etc) after my wokrout ill eat a protein with a small amont of carbs and then the rest of the night (meals 4-6) just a protein and vegatble and this worked out very well for me and i cut a lot of the remaining fat on my body. i also try ephedrine and caffeine for a month and this helpped to.

i now would like to bulk up over the winter months im 19 years old sitting at 197 6'2and about 6 % body fat. i have been trainig for about 3 years, about year and a half seriously. even though i am young and i dont party i go out but i dont drink i alway drive and very serious with my diet only allowing one cheat meal a week.

i workout 7 days a week with the exception of every second sunday i take a day of and or do cardio that day. i hit every muscle at least once a week or twice at the most minus legs that i train twice every week. i was just wondering about how to change up my diet and or training to put of a lot of mass this winter weather it is to add a mass gainer shake and or how and what to increase or decrease my proein carb veg etc intake.

i just dont want to do my bulk wrong and put fat on, i know i will have to gain some extra weight and i am fine with that i jjst want to do it right and get good results. i just started goin to school to become a personal trainer so i do a lot of siting in the moring but this allows me to be very precise with my meals allowing me to eat every 2 hrs. any and all advice would b greatly appreciated thank you


If I was you I would read through this link

Some people will tell you to not worry about fat and just eat and lift heavy. Others will tell you to increase your caloric intake by about 250 calories a week until you are gaining 2-3 a month and if you are gaining too much (5-7 lbs a month) than reduce by 250 calories.

I also think you will get better advice if you tell us your current macro breakdown and caloric intake.


thanks i will read that article

i dont count my macros exactly but a regular days breaks down like this for meal first meal egg whites and toast then my next 3-4 meals have 2 cups of carbs a whole grain rice or pasta and either chicken breast or turkey or 2 fillets of fish. then all my meals after workout 3-4 some sort of protein 2 cups lean ground beef or turkey or chicken , fish, shrimp etc i try and keep the portions relatively the same size in all meals for the protein and i have 1-2 cups of vagtable with every meal

i know its not very exact I'm trying to slowy get into counting the macros exactly for each meal


thanks i will read that

i dont count my macros exactly but a normal day breakdown currently goes like this. breakfast 10-12 egg whites and 2 peices of whole grain toast. then my nxt 3-4 meals i have 2 cups of carbs a whole grain rice or pasta with a protein i.e.. chicken breats or 2-3 fillets of fish. then after my workout meals 4-6 i have a protein 2 cups of lean ground turkey or beef and or chicken fish shrimp etc. i try and mainitn my portion size of my proteins the same all day and i also have 1-2 cups of vegtables with evry meal.

i know my numbers are far from exact i plan over the next moneth to begin counting my macros exactly with my bulking plan and the advice i get from this thanks