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Starting Boxing

hey I am a 16 stone (228 lbs) 5ft 11inch 16 year old boy I am very strong for my age and would like to start boxing,

I was looking for a weeks work out plan that will improve my punch power and my overall conditioning my goal is to be able to see clear results within 2 months,

could some one help me with some ideas to do this I need speed training also due to my huge weight,

I appreciate any help given.

at the moment I go to the gym 5 days a week and do rowing machine for 10 minutes on a resistance of 5 normally get 2000 meters, I lift weights 10 to 12 kilo dumb bells and 20 kilo shoulder shrugs
I do another rowing type thing (like cycling with your arms) for half an hour on max resistance (20),

I also go on the ab machine and do 65 kilo 20 reps for 3 sets

is this an okay work out for weight loss and upper body strength,
will it help my boxing?