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Starting Beyond 5/3/1 After Old 5/3/1


Hi everyone.

Just wanted your opinion on this. I've just read Beyond 5/3/1 and want start the 7 week cycle with FSL and Joker sets as apposed to the 4 week cycle with BBB im currently on.

Im about to completed my 8th cycle with good results. I can feel im getting close to maxing out pretty soon.

Im going to reset my numbers to 85% TM and start the 7 week cycles after my last de-load week on the 4 week cycle.

This this a good way to go about things or should I go till I stall on the 4 week cycle method?



Learn this:

Reset before you stall. Takes a couple years to not make "frowny face" and "pouty lips" after a bad workout ("THE FUCKING SKY IS FALLING - GOD HELP ME!") - but you need to learn what lift/weights/speed need to be applied to each lift and adjust before you need to.

Just like the deload - you need to do it before you need it.


Thanks for the advice Jim. Noted, all about longevity!