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Starting Best Damn Strength Program for Naturals

I’ve been lifting on and off for most of my life, but never been consistent for more than 6 months or worked any real program. I generally make up my own program and than modify it far too often. I make progress, but it’s sub-optimal. So, I have decided to work a real program and I like the Best Damn Strength Program. Gym’s have been closed here for over a month and I have just managed to acquire a barbell so I plan to have a low volume week re-establishing 1rm’s on the main lifts, then hit the program hard. Just figured I’d throw this out there and see if anyone has anything to say. Any advice or comments are welcome.

Current stats (1 rm’s are from 5 weeks ago):
Neurotype test result: 1b
Body weight 173 lbs
Height 5’9"
Approximate body fat 12%
Turning 40 years old next week
1rm bench press 225 lbs
1rm squat (below parallel) 300 lbs
1rm deadlift 400 lbs
1rm overhead press 135 lbs
Body weight pull ups strict form 10 on a good day
Pendley row, unknown… never did one,
But I can easily knockout 6 or more reps at 85lbs on a one armed dumbbell row. I will test Pendley row this week.

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In case anyone is interested, finished 1rm testing. Previous squat and deadlift numbers were estimated as I normally don’t do 1rm attempts to avoid stoppages in my work, (aka injuries). These numbers are real. In lbs.

High bar below parallel squat: 305
Deadlift: 355
Floor press: 215
Pendley row: 205
Pull up: body weight + 60
Overhead press from upper chest: 135

Squat and deadlift numbers seem more in line. I tested those 24 hours apart. I probably could have done a few more pounds on deadlift if I had waited longer after my squat test, but I am sure the percentages in the program will be challenging for me with these 1rm numbers, so I am happy. I elected to use floor press instead of bench press because I have a shoulder that doesn’t like full rom bench press. Starting the program tomorrow! I’ll check back in 12 weeks and say how it went.