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Starting Before Job Interviews?

Hi all

I have some big job interviews coming up over the next month or so and need to be very sharp mentally and composed. I have all the medications as per my protocol but am a little hesitant to start just yet in case they ‘throw me off’. My normal low T self is very good in interviews and fully capable of getting these jobs. Am I overthinking it? Could T actually help? Should I delay a month? What could go wrong?

Thanks all

Everyone gets different sides to different degrees.

The only sides that would hinder an interview right away are oily skin and acne.

Are you an aggressive person naturally? You might be more aggressive once your test is back.

Last summer I was working out like a mofo between doing the job search and interviews. I was only on TRT. Also would lay out in the sun some. I was looking and feeling great and it was a great confidence booster.

I think I would have been too self-conscious if I had been battling acne and shiny face, but that’s my personality.

Yes I am quite aggressive. I don’t think that would / could shine through in an interview though.

I’m most worried about high / low E sides like anxiety, brain fog, etc

What makes guys aggressive, moody or impatient/intolerant on TRT is not managing E2 levels.

Please do not create multiple threads for your case. We need the dialog in one place.

I would personally wait and do the interviews before starting. Some guys take time to get their dosing dialed in.