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Starting BBB Next Week. Just Dips/Chins for Accessory

I am a 40 year old lifter, and have been running 531 FSL with success for the past 3 months getting my strength back up to where it was. I work out at home, barbell, bench, squat rack, pull up bar, and dip stand. I am currently on deload, and will be starting BBB challenge next week. I was planning on doing chins on push days, and dips on Squat/DL days.

So basically the 531 work, followed by the 5x10 sets, which will be alternated with either dips or chins.

Are doing dips on Squat/DL days going to hinder recovery for my upperbody? I train on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday.

Are just dips and chins sufficient for accessory work on this program?

No, you will be fine.

Yes. The only thing you might consider is rows and ab wheel roll outs. But, for a challenge, it’s no problem to focus on just chins and dips, which would be my first two choices for assistance.


Agree 100%. Dips and chins are awesome accessories,

Thanks fellas

For assistance Jim recommends 25-50 reps range, but how many sets ?
When do you go for wheighed exercise ?
How should you split the 50 reps ?
5x10 ? Like BBB ?
4x12 ?
4x8 ?
4x6 ?
3x15 ?
2x20 ?
There is not so much information about this topic in Jims books

I really don’t think it matters. If you can do 5 x 10, then do it. If you can only get 5 reps in a set, do 10 sets. If you can get 10 reps but only do 5, that doesn’t make much sense. I always base my assistance set/rep scheme on the weight I’m using, and I think that applies here as well. If you can only get 5 reps on weighted chins, then you can lower the weight and do more reps and less sets, or just do more sets.

Just do 50 reps, however you want. There’s not information about it because you’re just supposed to do 50 reps.


I never add weight to dips or chins. Never found a need.

This is assistance work. It’s responsible for 10% of your growth. Only devote 10% of your brainpower to it.

I think he does. I don’t have the book in front of me, but he says in Forever that your assistance sets should be 10 reps at minimum. This makes sense, too, because if you are doing say 5 reps of an assistance move it’s either too heavy a weight or difficult a move to choose for assistance (say, weighted ring dips you’re not ready for), or you are doing so few you’re not really getting anything out of it (say, band pull aparts or push ups).

I would say, if you are confused, use the following loose guidelines:

Do most assistance as 5 sets of 10 and aim for 50. Examples: dips, pull ups, rows, goblet squats, ab wheel roll outs, etc…
Do really easy assistance as 5 sets of 20 and aim for 100: Examples: band pull aparts, banded tricep push downs, push ups, sit ups, calf raises, etc…

Now, you have to decide for yourself what is really easy (maybe 5 sets of 20 push ups is not really easy, so adjust). Also, use common sense based on your main lifts and supplemental work.

Also, don’t make this rocket science and claim Jim doesn’t provide enough info. He also didn’t say to pick up the dumb bell from the floor before doing DB rows, but somehow most of us figured that out.

Yeah hahaha I knew that…

  1. Impossible to answer - if your shoulders are healthy and you are used to that amount of volume, you will be fine. If not, probably not.

  2. Yes and no - it can be as long as you are using rows/face pulls/curls in other programs that you will use in the future/used in the past. But if this is just for a short period of time and have no other needs that have to be addressed (rehab stuff), you will be fine.

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There’s an entire section in the newest book that goes over this.

Sets are up to you as are the exercises. This is based on your needs, what you have access to and how you feel THAT day. (personal responsibility).

Weighted exercises are up to you and based on your current state of fitness, readiness and how you feel that day (personal responsibility).

Also, as mentioned in the book, the total amount of reps for the assistance exercises are guidelines. You can choose to do less or more based on your own needs/experiences. As always, if you don’t know…ready everyone???


Everything becomes clear if you follow principles in your training and life. It is not always easy but it can be clear.


Being I am SS Dips and chins, decided to add Barbell Rows on Pressing days, and Ab Wheel on Squat/DL days. Cap off each session with those. If I find that the dips are hindering my recovery on those back to back Saturday Sunday sessions, I will substitute pushups instead. Tuesday Thursday sessions should be fine to keep the dips.