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Starting BBB Challenge

I started reading about 5/3/1 and BBB challenge and it’s seems like a great deal for keeping the motivation and progress up!

My actual stats are:
Deadlift: 365x4
Squat: 315x7-8 (Not ATG, I have really hard time going down, I am a bit over my knee. Tried to go ATG with lower weight but I tend to lose balance and it doesn’t feel natural.)
Bench Press: 265x3 or 255x4
OHP: 95 (x8)

So I used a RM calculator and I got this, please tell me if its right
Deadlift 90%rm = 365lbs
Squat 90%rm = 342lbs
Bench 90%rm = 255lbs
OPH 90%rm = 107lbs

Does that make sense ?


I’d probably go a bit lighter than that if those are your lifts - atleast for bench and deadlift - but your call.

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For BBB challenge, you’re pushing the supplemental hard so may want to back off the main work. I don’t think an 85% TM would be a bad shout.

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You should be able to hit five good, strong reps with your TM when you start the program.