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Starting Back, Soreness?

I’m 25 I just started back working out. I’m having problems recovering. It takes me so long to stop hurting that when I lift again I just get sore again. Is there any supplement I could use to help. Also I’m building mass quick but I’m having trouble cutting, any advise

  1. Don’t wait until you stop hurting before lifting again.

  2. Don’t lift to failure. This is one thing that will make you sorer and will also fry your CNS. You can also try things like ice massage or an ice bath after your workout, or a contrast shower to speed up recovery.

  3. Bulking & cutting are basically down to diet. If you want to bulk, eat more, if you want to cut, eat less.

Focus on your diet and post workout nutrition.
Starting back from a lay-off you will see some size increases, but to shed some fat, clean up your diet and make sure you are getting some quality protein post-workout(Surge,Whey,etc).

Try some Fish Oil caps for their anti-inflammatory properties along with other health benefits.

Deep tissue massage the next day on sore spots combined with some active stretching always helped with my DOMS.

Plenty good articles on the site for diet and supplements, but try to avoid analysis paralysis. Research!

Thanx for the advise. Will put it to good use.