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Starting back after 2 months off

Right now I’m in Colombia with no access to a gym and don’t really want to train. When I get back it will be 2 months since I stepped in the gym.

How would you start back, test a real max, take the 5RM test, guesstimate one or go by feel until I get back to where I was and then get back to 531 ?


I do a couple weeks of 3 day/week full body (squat/bench (or press)/deadlift) and play with the weights until I feel I’m back in the groove, but realistically I don’t think it matters how you do it so long as you start a bit too light and work your way back up to your previous volume (i.e., if you’re doing BBB don’t jump right into a 5x10… maybe start with just the basic 5/3/1 sets and slowly add a set or two of BBB each week until you’re back up to a full set of five.

Every time I restart I play it a little different. Sometimes I need more lead in… sometimes it feels great after only two or three sessions.