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Starting at 30



I began lifing about 5 years ago at age 26. I made some good gains in size and strength. It has kinda stunted for awhile. I am now making strength gains again. Is it possible to continue making gains in size having started so late in age?

I have noticed my strength began to go up after beginning with L-Leucine. Is it that powerful or is it in my head?


I'm 30 as well and am making better gains than I ever have. I just don't make the same mistakes I used to... looking for a magic program or supplement. Busting my ass has been much more effective.

In the words of somebody famous whose name I don't remember:

"It's a shame that youth is wasted on the young."


I'm training a 60 years old firefighter that would put most here to shame performance-wise. These past months he increased his deadlift by 100lbs and his power clean by 60lbs.

When I was an olympic lifter we had a guy who trained with us, he was 67 ... power cleaned 127.5kg (around 280lbs) and power snatched 92.5kg (around 205-210lbs) and the cool thing is that he started training when he was 50!

Dr. Tim Hall is also over 40 and recently increased his bench press by over 50lbs over his lifetime best.

With proper training and nutrition, yeah, it's possible.


Good stuff. One of my motivations are knowing that some old geezers and strong chicks are lifting heavier shit than I am. I wanna go to the gym now.....


I started as a 30 year old ex-distance runner of 17 years with probably not great genetics (I was a 2:32 marathon runner).

Since the end of November I've gained 15lbs of lean mass, almost 20 if I'm carbed up going from 140-45 to 160-65 at sub 10% and 5'6', so I was already a little more muscular than most distance runners to begin with.

Benching started out doing 135 for 5 reps...last time I did BB Bench (a number of weeks ago) I did 200 for 2 at the end of 4 sets. Doing close grip each week and did 195 for 2 reps at the end of 4 sets last time. DB Bench was 50 for 10 reps, now it's 70-75.

Squat went from 135 uneasy, not deep, 15 reps to 185 for 10 now and also front squating 185 for 5.

Deadlift went from having trouble with 135 for 5 reps to 285 for 2 reps.

Could barely do 3 good pullups before, now I can do at least 10-15 with perfect form.

It's like anything...eat right, train right. You'll get stronger and bigger, but not as strong or big if you started as a teen. Test production is going to likely be lower due to age but other than that just focus on the task at hand.


X2 Chaos!!!!!! I understand hard work equals results and not the magic pill! Better gains than ever over 30 when I learned to listen, understood I don't know everything, research and monitor what MY body does based on stimuli.


I'm 33 right now and I am stronger than I have ever been. I was always athletic and lifted when I was younger but I had no clue what I was doing. I actually never did a single deadlift until I was almost 32, and had only tried squatting once.

I used to think that my age was going to limit me, now I know you just have to pay more attention to the details...if you do, the only limits you have will be those you place on yourself.


I started ~2.5 years ago at the age of 44 to lift weights - never done anything like it before. In that time I have increased my "polo-shirt" size from M to XL. In the last few months alone I have added ~8kg - mostly muscle, by pushing hard and eating enough....
So yes improvement is possible.