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Starting Arimidex

New user here great forum. I’m a 50 year old obese male with primary hypogonadism. Started T therapy (Delatestryl 225mg/2weeks) 6 month ago. I took my last labs the day before injecting and the results are:

LH <0.5 IU/L (Normal 1.3-9.6)
FSH <1 IU/L (Normal 1-16)
T 16.9 nmol/L (Normal 7.6-31.4)
Estradiol 321 pmol/L INormal (<159)

I feel fine with the 2 week dose and it works good with my schedule. I was on a higher dose of T 3 months ago and DR dropped dosage it to its current level.tor reduce Estradiol, it was previously 702 3 months ago. At that time I took blood 1 week before injection.

From what I read here it looks like I might need Arimadex. How would it be dosed in a 2 week cycle?


Are you experiencing possible high E2 side effects? If so, consider 0.25mg twice a week to start. Increase if needed. The 50% drop in E2 from week one to week two is interesting. You may want to skip the second dose in the second week so it does not drop too low. What was your test level at one week? That’s a decent level two weeks post injection. Many are very sensitive to larger hormonal fluctuations, but it appears that you are not one of them.

Also, going forward, there is no need to re-test FSH or LH.

The reason your estrogen is so damn high is because of the large infrequent dosage of testosterone, this is TRT done wrong. Smaller doses more often will lower estrogen allowing you to be chemical free, there’s no reason to add drugs into the mix, not when they are other options.

Drugs aren’t always good for you, they do have consequences.

A trough of 487 is on the low side, injecting more frequently will keep levels higher and more stable.

I’m sorry I wasn’t clear in my post about the E2 levels. 3 months ago my E2 was 702. Last week it was 321. The former E2 was taking 6 days after injection. The latter was 13 days after injection.

I’m seeing my endo in January and discuss taking Delatestryl ever week instead.

That is how I understood it. You only asked about adding an AI, but since you mentioned it, increasing your injection frequency is a better idea if that is an option. As I noted, I was surprised your test was as high as it was at trough, some drop below that in just one week.

You said you are doing well with twice monthly injections, but I think you will be even better with weekly, and it well help control E2 as well.

Thanks highpull. Went for another blood test today. Will report results.

Just got my labs. These are 7 days post injection.

Test 27.8 nmol/L (801 ng/dL)
E2 377 pmol/L (103 pg/mL)

If I stay at the 2 week cycle it looks like I will have to lower my dose of 250 mg.

Not sure what to say. Your test will be in the 400s by day 14. E2 is pretty high. But, you mentioned doing fine with 2x/month injections and the schedule works for you. You don’t want to get too hung up on numbers, but I have to think you’ll feel better with weekly dosing, and twice monthly will catch up with you eventually. 125mg a week may be good for you, split up your 250.

Right now the Dr draws and injects with the same harpoon gauge needle. Weekly would need to be done by me but not with that size spear. What is a gauge and length recommendation for the glutes?

Thanks again highpull.

That’s fine, if it is a 23g one inch needle. Does not sound as though it is. Ouch.

You mentioned you were obese so that will have a lot to do with your higher E2 numbers. Excess body fat will lead to more E2 aromatization. As the others have mentioned, you would do better with a more frequent injection schedule, but… that will only help in how far your E2 swings from one injection to the next. The levels you stabilize at will be drastically reduced if you could focus some effort into diet and exercise. The excess fat is slowly killing you man.

I’m not saying this to be mean so please don’t take it that way. I was in the same boat a few months ago. I’m telling you from my own personal experience, you will thank yourself for the rest of your life if you can just get the diet and exercise in line.

I would steer as far away from the AIs as I could. They are a last resort. If you can adjust your protocol and trim down to keep the E2 levels under control it would be WAY more beneficial to you in the long run.

One question about switching to weekly injections after being on a bi weekly schedule. If today was my last bi weekly injection(Dec 29/18), 2 weeks from know (Jan 12/19) I would inject the weekly 1/2 dose and continue on the new weeks schedule. Since my levels are really elevated, should I wait till (Jan 19/19) to start my weekly injections dropping my trough levels to more normal.

I hope that was clear.


If you just did a 250mg/2week dose yesterday, it would make the most sense to start the 125mg/week schedule two weeks from then. Waiting an extra week is just going to cause more unnecessary fluctuations.

NO its a 16.

That’s a bigger ouch!!!

Largest I ever heard of was an 18g, 2in. Guy bled to his ankle.

No offence was taken.

Went to see my endo and he agreed to lower my dose fro 250mg bi-weekly to 100mg weekly with today being day one of injection at new dose. My last bloods at the 250 dose taken on day 13 were Total T @ 496ng/dl and E2 @ 62 pg/ml.

Over the last month I have also managed to shed off 25 lbs (bringing me to 410lbs) by cutting out beer and pop. I use 18 gauge 1 inch needles to draw the T and 23 gauge 1.5 inch to inject. For me the 23 gauge is the way to go, i hardly felt it.

Its been 6 months now since I started injection and I have noticed that my mental sharpness has increased, less tired, more willing to engage in arguments rather that be passive all the time, morning wood with higher sex drive all day and an all around just feeling better. One thing I have noticed with erection is that there are not as hard. From what I understand that could be due to the elevated E2. My endo wants to see where my e2 is after 3 months before we try meds.

I want to take bloods on day 2 and day 6 of my cycle. How long should I wait to check my T and E2 levels? Can I start this week?