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Starting Anti-Depressants on TRT?

Hello Everyone,

About 4 months ago i diagnosed with general anxiety and depression. My doctor prescribed me with an anti depressant called Cymbalta. I filled the prescription but still haven’t taken any of the medication.

I started TRT 6 weeks ago and at 8 weeks I’m getting follow up blood work to see if I need to adjust my protocol.

My depression/de-realization still gets pretty bad. I was wondering if anyone has started an anti-depressant shortly after starting TRT, or if anyone thinks this would be a bad idea.


Your protocol is to blame for your problems on TRT, 40mg weekly isn’t a good protocol at all especially if SHBG is low. Your protocol is so far off the mark of what’s considered standard practice. Most men are closer to 100mg weekly, I’m at 92mg weekly split up every 2 days. You may do better on multiple smaller injections per week.

I have no depression or anxiety and even I get a little moody on new protocols, however as I get closer to 6 weeks if levels are elevated 24/7 and not just a few days out of the week, I feel the fluctuations simmer down.

We talked about getting SHBG tested and how your doctor thought it was a good idea to start TRT blindfolded. Suggest finding a competent doctors.

The men who start TRT with experience doctors seem to have the least problems and those who startout with inexperienced doctors seem to be the ones struggling the most.

I tried to find another doctor, unfortunately he did not seem to see the importance of SHBG. Those two clinics are my only option in my city in Canada.

That being said, I spoke with my current clinic and they have no problem with me increasing frequency of injections, they were just very adamant that I wait the initial 8 weeks and see how my blood results come back before switching my protocol.

So I guess I answered my own question, wait until they change my protocol and give the new protocol 6 weeks before I decide if i should take the anti depressants?


This is an SNRI.
Read this before deciding on taking them.
Ask for and give BusPar a try first.