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Starting Another NO Supplement


I'm currently taking Jack3d and the Yok3d stack. Ive been on it 2 weeks. Ill be done with the Yok3d in 2-3 more weeks. I will have anothe bottle of Jack3d and i wnated to start taking another a NITRIC OXIDE Supplement called NO2 red. Should i Wait 2 weeks before i start taking this w/ jack3d or would i be able to start takin it immediiately after im done with the Yok3d.


Not familar with any of those. but i see no reason to cycle NO sups.


You should throw it away. NO supplements have been debunked as essentially being worthless.


Lol @ the names and all the 3s in them


buy steaks ditch the NO


Are those honestly real products?

Spend less of your $ on supplements and more of your time lifting. Trust me.




Or3anic whol3 milk, 3ggs, and ground b33f for the win.

Take the 3ggs and whol3 milk, preworkout. Whol3 milk and b33f postworkout.


We should start a company around this. Simply sell normal foods, but with tricked out names. Kids would go nuts.


And you could trick out the packaging to make it look super bad ass. You should even put "The most proven muscle building formula OF ALL TIME!!!" (with maybe like an explosion in the background and some flames)

You wouldnt even be lying


I used the Jack3d/Yok3d stack...still I LOL at the names. Markeing-wise, that could have been approached better....but you should be fine, being that No2 red is non-stim based.


Done and done. We're doing it.


the Eggs need to be spelled with a Z. 3ggz Xtreeeeeeme!!! (those will be the large grade A eggs)


i just dig the pumps and vascularity i get out of the NO products.


I took some shit called xpand. the first time it had caffeine in it and i liked the feeling from it but had a hard time falling asleep. switched to the caffeine free version and honestly dont get anything from it. dont bother with any of it


Just take 25-50 mgs viagra about 30 mins pre-workout.It is a true vaso dilator,actually does what the the NO products claim to do. Have a cup of coffee or some caffeine tablets if you need the energy. The V is a mild anti estrogen and test booster also.


this man is a genious! Lol. Next time I'm sellinga membership at my gym and some shit asks me where he can buy NO sups I'm going to give him the address for Pino's Meat market or M&M's


Sign me up! Bro-Clah! Xtreme Mucsle Tunaz! New Hydrator called "N3W WAT3R"


hahahhaha classic.


Haven't heard of Yok3d but Jack3d is very popular because it has 1,3-Dimethylamylamine.

Shit works, but apparently will make you test positive on sports related drug tests.