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Starting Anew...


What do you guys think? I haven’t lifted weights in a few months due to the fact I don’t have a job and can’t afford a gym membership (I used to go to the school gym, fo’ free) and now I’m about to move back to campus. Forever. So I’m ready to start lifting. Forever.

This a good workout to jump right into? Anyone have any experience with Workout B (read the article, there is a Workout A and a Workout B).

I don’t believe in overtraining for myself, though perhaps others are susceptible to it, I do not know. I just don’t want to jump into this and feel like I’m destroying my body (not very good for starting momentum).

Thanks for any advice! By the way, this is my first time on the forums. I’ve read numerous articles on the site, all great!

Edit: The link at the very top of the post is a workout that I found on this site. I’m also looking to be geared more towards strength gains now so I can start lifting heavier when actually looking for size gains.