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Starting Anadrol Before Test

I am planning to run a cycle of anadrol (5 weeks, 25mg per day weeks 1-2 3-5 50mg per day) and test for 10 weeks(500mg). Due to problems with availability, I was planning to start the anadrol for 3 weeks then begin the test. Is running Anadrol as a stand alone less effective? (I will use PCT)

The only point in using the anadrol is to kick start while the test kicks in.

If your using your anadrol first before you even get your test then its not much of a kick start at all now is it ?

Just wait 3 weeks, why half ass it ? I know your excited to start, but show some will power man.

Youd still be on test for the last two weeks of your anadrol, depending on the ester and whether or not you front load that would still give it time to kick in.

Kickstarting isnt necessary, but it is better, combining test which is both a type 1 and type 2 steroid, with any other steroid dramatically increases the ammount of muscle gained.

Overall a bad idea and a waste of the drol. Either use it as a kick start or better yet when the test has already kicked in.

25mg/d drol is fucked.

50mg/d drol is fucked.

100mg/d drol is only way

(Did i sound like Marius??? Did i??)

or 150mg drol ed works pretty good too.