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Starting All Over Again

[quote]DoubleSidedTape wrote:
Your “B” day should be"

Squat 3x5
Mil Press 3x5
Clean 5x3 OR Row 3x5[/quote]

Yah, Your right and its what I have on my spread sheet just fudged it in when I was typing,

[quote]TheDudeAbides wrote:
I just looked up The Pit. Are you going into MMA or just want the look of Chuck Liddell? [/quote]

Dude don’t we all Chuck is THE Alpha Male, isn’t his physic the goal of all body builders??? Na just kidding its not a bad cardio and if I can get to a decent weight I might try to do some of the local MMA events as long as the wife doesn’t find out. she is hard set against me getting my face bashed in, although I don’t think it could get any worse lol.

I would say of all the guys in UFC, he has the least athletic/desirable looking. He does get the job done though. Don’t listen to me, but you’ll hopefully be with your wife a lot longer than an MMA career. Everytime I see a fight, I get the ‘bug’ to enter something, but the realization sets in that I just don’t want to get hit in the face. Hit me anywhere else, just not the face.

Dude 31 is a little old to start an MMA Career. With the Sturgis Rally in Aug. There are lots of little tuff man and MMA contests around here. My wife doesn’t understand that It’s what I did before we met. She only knows the “nice” me.

Welcome aboard Lance. One crappy gym with donated equipment is enough. I know your head is about to explode with G2, but read this:


Simplify, do or die.

Maybe see you in Sturgis some time.

I never miss the Drowning Pool concert at The Full Throttle, but I’m Only an hour south of Sturgis

[quote]RyanBrown0311 wrote:
I never miss the Drowning Pool concert at The Full Throttle, but I’m Only an hour south of Sturgis[/quote]

I rode mine (and my girlfriend hers) from the east coast this past August. We stayed at Hog Heaven. What town are you in?

I didn’t realize Drowning Pool still played. I thought they were done after the lead singer died. I guess I’ll have to look them up again.

Loose tool, I live in Custer and work at the youth boot camp here.

Dude, after Dave Williams died they picked up Jason “Gong” Jones for one album then went to now lead singer Ryan McCombs, who incidentally is a friend of one of my coworkers from his days with the band “SOiL”. So Ya they still play they put a new album out called full circle the Tuesday after their concert at full throttle last year so we got to hear almost the whole album live before anybody else!!

Rippetoe Program Day 3, Workout B
Squat: 3X5 @ 215 No Problems
Standing Press: 3X5 @ 105
Power Clean 1X5 @ 135 No Problems
1X4 @ 135 couldn’t get #5
1X1 @ 135 bad form stopped lift
1X5 @ 135 Reset and blasted through no problems

Off Day, Recruited a “new” lifting partner who is going to start the Rippetoe program too.

Rippetoe Program Day 5, Workout A
Squat: 3X5 @ 220 Only went up 5lbs. still have some DOMS in the quads.
Bench Press: 3X5 @ 140
Dead Lift: 1X5 @ 225 No Problems
I know I’m supposed to take the next 2 days off but with my partner starting today and coming up with a schedule that works for both of us, my work out week will look like this,
Sun off,
Monday Workout B,
Tuesday Off,
Wednesday Off,
Thursday Workout B,
Friday Off,
Saturday Workout A,
Sunday Off,
Monday Workout B,
Tuesday Off,
Wednesday Off, and so on…
Does anybody see a major prob with that to get back to a normal schedule?

That should be just fine. I ‘have’ to do MWF out of necessity, but whatever works in your schedule.

Rippetoe Workout B,

Squat: 3X5 @ 230
Squats felt really strong today, most of the DOMS are gone. Probably could have got 235 or 240 but I don’t want to get over anxious and jump too soon.

Military Press: 3X5 @ 110, Not a bad weight for me this time, made me sweat just a little near the end.

Power Clean: 1x4 @ 140, 2X5 @ 140, I pooched the 5th rep of the 1st set, touched the weight to the ground for a split second [/edit] too long [/edit] and couldn’t get it back up for the last Rep. (mental mistake).

Tuesday: Off, Last of my 3 Hyalgan Injections,

Wednesday: Off

Make sure you reset the bar on the ground between power clean reps. They should not be touch and go.

If you workout on a weekend make sure you get 2 consecutive days off every 3-4 workouts. It helps to get rid of the CNS fatique which accumulates. When you take them off really doesn’t matter.


Thanks Stu, I posted earlier that I recruited a new lifting partner and to accommodate both our schedules week 1 had to goto 4 days but now that we are in sync we can go bat to the normal schedule. My work week starts on Wednesday and goes through Saturday so my schedule in general is odd.

So with my 2 days off I started thinking, some of the guys on the Rippetoe program are doing front squats in place of regular squats so I figured I could substitute front squats in workout B and keep regular squats in workout A, with that said here’s todays workout.
Power Clean: 3X5 @ 145 No Problems
Military Press: 3X5 @ 115 Probably should have went to 120
Front Squat: 3X5 @ 185 Perfect starting weight.

After my 2 days off I was thinking that everything would feel a little heavy but I was amped I hammered through the workout, I know I’m only in week 2 but I felt like Superman today, I left the gym after my work out yearning for my next workout Saturday, I thought about adding another lift to the program but I promised myself I wouldn’t go overboard!

On the equipment front, I think you should bite the bullet and get yourself a bench, and a rack.

[quote]yasser wrote:
On the equipment front, I think you should bite the bullet and get yourself a bench, and a rack.[/quote]


Todays Workout Week 2 Day 3
Squat: 3 X 5 @ 240 No Problems.
Bench: 3 X 5 @ 150 Easier than I though it should be, I’ll add 10 next week.
Dead Lift: 1 X 5 @ 255 No Problems.