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Starting All Over Again...


Starting all over again. Need a routine to ease me back in.

I started lifting a while back but had to stop after having a sergery. I'm all cleared to lift now after 6 months. The only lift I can't do are back squats. Everything else, deadlifts, rows that type of thing, I can.

I'm looking for a routine for former lifters who lost all their muscle, if such a thing exists. I've been going to the gym here and there but I'm looking to get more organized now.


Start with a good beginner program like Rippetoe's "Starting Strength" Substitute hack Squats, belt squats, front squats, or whatever you can do instead of the back squats. That will get your strength back in a hurry.



Use the "washed-up meatheads" template.


Where can I find that?


You don't really loose too much muscle or strength with the magic of muscle memory. Try a monday, wensday, fri, lifting program. For example monday legs, Wensday back, arms, fri chest shoulders then you can go more days and see how you feel. Try out diff exercises and see what feels best for you, probably stick with simple 3 sets of 10.


You can get the book just about anywhere, even the library. The guts of the program are here: