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Starting AI to Streamline Estradiol

It’s been a year on TRT. I am 34 and have been on TRT for a year. I am on 22mg of Sustanon/day and 0.1ml of HCG every 3 days. Now, at this dosage, my most recent blood work is as follows- Test level - 860ng/dl and estradiol - 76pg/ml. I do my blood work every week because with Sustanon things are a bit unpredictable unlike Test Cip/Test E. So, the only way to know is through blood work. Now, I feel great but my sex drive has taken a hit, and my libido is almost gone.So, I stopped HCG for the past 1 week and I am only on the test. In order to reduce the estradiol, I have started on Arimidex 0.125 mg/week. I am starting on the lowest possible dosage because I don’t want to crash my estrogen. I want to find the sweet spot that gets me going and only after that I will start my HCG. With that being said, I have never used an AI before. What do you guys advise? Is 0.125mg/week a good starting point for now or should I use 0.25mg/week? Because I am on daily injections, so what would be the best possible option? I want to keep my estradiol on the high normal.

Im on daily shots, with HCG, and no AI. TT is close to 1200 with E72. My libido has been getting stronger as time passes but Ive always been a horndog. If you believe that E is your problem and not your free T, I would not take more than .25mg of AI

@middleages- I was thinking of doing 0.125 mg every 3 days and then test my estradial levels after a week. Is that a safe bet?

HL of that AI is about 48 hours, so if you take it EOD or E3D you would want to check after 10-14 days


As stated, wait a couple of weeks before testing. Testing weekly is overkill btw… its not good for mental health to be doing this to yourself either. Values are dynamic and looking for things to blame for little things can become a self defeating endeavor.


@swoops39 - How has your experience been on AI? I haven’t seen any significant change after taking my first dosage. Does it take some time to actually see the effect? I don’t want to up my dosage. The most I am planning on taking is 0.25mg/week.

@middleages - Thank you. This is really helpful.

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In my experience if you feel better after just 1 dose you’ve taken too much. Takes time to build up

@swoops39 - So, is every 3 days a good idea? Btw just to understand something, when you take an AI does it completely stop the test to e2 conversion? AFAIK, E2 is essential for survival and well-being. How do people still have e2 while on AI after taking regular dosage?

Taking a full dose daily will eventually lower e2 about 80%, using anastrozole. Yes you don’t want to lower it to zero

What do you mean about free T being the problem rather than E2?

Not enough Free T can be an issue if E is causing issues. When T is high, E shouldn’t be an issue. Not everyone will fall within this general fact, but the majority does. So if you focused on pushing your free T levels up, E shouldnt matter, therefore releasing you from the need to take an AI.

@middleages - How do you push your free T up? If I am not wrong if a lot of Test is getting converted to E2 then there is very little going for free T and DHT?

More T is what drives free T up. As long as you’re not having a problem, your Estrogen production should not skyrocket, but free T should definitely go up. If E goes up ridiculously high, then you have to figure out why this is happening instead.

@middleages - I recently stopped my HCG to streamline my Estrogen. Turns out most of my Testosterone bump was coming from HCG. Ever since I stopped my HCG and did daily dosing of 0.1ml of Sust intramuscular, my Testosterone levels are low. It’s now at 560ng/dl and estradiol at 37pg/ml. So, with regards to that I switched to every 3 day injection. Based on my research e3d works the best for Sust. I am currently doing 0.25ml e3d and 0.125 Adex with every injection. Is this a good step? I want to boost my free T up.

How many mg’s of Test are you taking week?

@middleages - e.g Today I took 0.25ml which is Day 1 = 62mg and then day 4=62mg. So, in a span of 7 days roughly 124mg.
My Estradial is currently sitting at 28pg/ml. I am prone to estradiol surge and my erections are getting softer. God know what’s happening. Should I still continue with 0.125 Adex with every shot or stop for now as my estradiol is in decent range?
Fyi- I recently switched from daily to e3d.

Id stop the AI completely and never touch it again. You’re taking very little Test to justify any need to manipulate your aromatase function. You want to feel good? Good erections? Raise your free T.

I would increase Test to 180mg/wk and let it all come up. Dont test for at least 12 weeks. Use Test only.

@middleages - What about my issue with high e2 that I am prone to? Isn’t it bad ? Also, I am suspecting most of my E2 raise was coming because I was administering HCG 3 times/week with my T shots. Because the moment I paused on my HCG, my Test levels came down completely.Labs every week showed decline in T
week - when I stopped HCG Test - 900 ng/dl , E2-156
week2 -Test - 690 ng/dl, E2 - 79
week 3 - 479 ng/dl, E2- 28 (With AI)
What’s causing all this decline?

Ive had similar numbers on Sustanon and HCG. I don’t think the blend is particularly bad but some people convert a lot when HCG is added into a test equation.

An option is to find a set point where you hopefully don’t need and AI. For example, limit your variables and stop HCG for the time being. Run a low(but still therapeutic) dose of 100mg per week with an every 3 days dosing schedule. Get blood work to confirm TT, FT, SHBG and E2 as a minimum. If there is plenty of headroom in the E2 levels then add HCG and test again in a few weeks. This will increase test and E2 a bit.

If your E2 is still high with the low dose of test only(no HCG), you could then add 0.125mg Adex on the day of your shot. Run for 2 weeks and test again. Really though you should dig deeper of still needing an AI on 100mg test only as that is more unusual.

You can really end up chasing your tail trying to dial in the Adex if the HCG is in the equation. Limit your variables.