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Starting AI Mid Cycle?

Currently in the middle of week 5 test E 500 mg (First 2 weeks at 750mg). Havent had any serious high estro sides, like water retention, moodiness, lethargy and nipple puffiness.

However, during todays workout I check my nipples to see if there are any lumps. There was nothing on both it was not sensitive to slight touch but pressing with a bith of force on the nipple creates a mild tingle. It is not puffy and/or swollen.

Should I staty Aromasin 12.5mg EOD or just Nolva 20mg ED?

Have no symptoms but after repeatedly poking your nipples they cause a sensation? You don’t need an AI, you need a new, less weird fetish.


Was not poking it like what you think, perhaps you’re projecting because you feel guilty of doing so?

Anyway, I’m well aware of how gyno symptoms are over exaggerated in online forums. I’m asking because from what I know, a slight tingle on the nipple area while on cycle is normal.

So it’s normal and you have no symptoms. Again, why do you think you need an AI at this time?

Why are people so sensitive these days they can’t take a joke? Bro chill out.

You literally just made a post over exaggerating gyno symptoms and asked if you should start an AI. I think you know the answer to your question my guy.

Side note: sometimes I rub my nipples but only in the mirror in an Austin powers type of way

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I have to confess that sometimes I rub @zeek1414’s nipples too.