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Starting AI and HGC After 6 Weeks

Hey guys,
First real post but I’ve been reading non-stop since my issues started. Im secondary hypo at age 35. I.ll provide most of the blood work later in the post Basically, I’m looking for some ideas on when people are taking AI and HCG during the week and opinions on my protocol so far. For the last 8 weeks, I’ve been taking 100mg of Cyp a week (every Wednesday). I had major water retention and high blood pressure which I learned from here were classic high E2 symptoms. Bloodwork confirmed high E2 and was just given 0.5mg of Anastrozole, which i haven’t started yet. Doctor says 0.5mg twice a week to start and may go to 3 if needed. I’ve had atrophy starting over a year ago which was one of the things that led me to have TT tested. I was just given 500iu of HCG to take twice a week. What days would you recommend for the AI? Doc says HCG on Friday and Sunday when shots are Wednesday. Hopefully this doesn’t get too long but below is my timeline and bloods so far.
02/12-Primary Care test TT @ 232…tried to give me an anti-depressant. I promptly left

03/06/19–Urologist Prior to TRT
Estrogen Total-131 (60-190)
SHBG-13 (10-50)

04/27/19**Urologist that prescribed Cyp refused to test E2 or Thyroid so I found new doc. He tested a bunch more but here’s the basics. Let me know if I missed anything
T4 Free- 1.0 (0.8-1.8)
T3 Free-2.8 (2.3-4.2)
T3 Rev-12 (8-25)
Iodine Serum- 46L (52-109)
Prolactin-6.3 (2-18)

Estradiol Ultra-47 (less then 29)
Estrone–49 (less then 68)
TT-720 (250-1100)
FT-154 (35-155)
SHBG-15 (

With Low SHBG, Im wondering if the addition of HCG is gonna send my FT thru the roof and make E2 hard to control…thoughts?

From that last blood test your E2 is already out of control. What is your current protocol?
It would really help if you could edit your post and ad ranges on the biggies.
With a 15 SHGB you don’t need a big dose of T weekly. 80-100mg will take you to the top of the Free T range. That is the one that counts.
Welcome to the low SHGB club. Come on in the water is fine. haha
On your HCG question are your balls aching (low dull ache) or are you getting a sharp stabbing pain? If not I’d skip the HCG. HCG will increase your overall E2

As a low SHGB guy you need to watch your Free T and E2 TT really means nothing as long as it is above 500. Free T at the top of the range is your target. Once you are there an stable watch your HCT (blood thickness) and truck on.

Thanks for reply. This blood work was with 100mg of Cyp once a week. No AI or HCG

Just picked up the Anastrozole and HCG supposed to start .50mg twice/ week AI and 500iu twice/week.

That sound right or a recipe for big numbers which I read is not great for low shbg

As for testicle ache…yes. I actually noticed that a year before having my T level tested. I noticed atrophy and a dull pain that gets worse near bedtime. I’ve had it for a year now since my doc told me that it happens with age sometimes. Finally might get that fixed.

@olde5123 may I ask your age? I am 65 and TRT effects older guys a bit different.
IMO that is too much anastrozole. .25mg/wk should do you fine. As for HCG I love 800iu/wk two 400iu shots. I have been as low as 500 and high as 1500. 800 is my sweet spot. My boys are happy and swing free and it barely effect my E2.

Do you have any hypothyroid symptoms? Free T3 is not very good. Optimizing thyroid will increase SHBG.

If injecting once a week, AI 12 hours after injection, and if taking twice weekly 3.5 days later. Take as little as possible.

For testicular atrophy, hCG 250IU MWF of 350IU the day prior and two days post injection.

Good move.

Good move number two.

thanks @highpull I have a decent cold intolerance and I’m currently working on getting an oral temp pattern. Appears I need a higher quality thermometer. New doc says thyroid “isn’t the best but ok” but believes its all related to my iodine def.
Can anybody give me an idea on how long AI takes to start lowering the E2?

Individuals will vary, but pretty quickly.