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Starting Again !

hey guys

abit about my self that might help you guys out…

i startet training when i was 15, back then i weighted 58kg and was 180cm tall, i decided to be a bodybuilder at the first time entered the gym

over the past 1-2month i trained on machines, while i was training i was gathering information on how to build muscle, programs, supplements, the facts that make you grow, ect.

there went like 6month and i gained 12kg = 12kg + 58 = 70kg… around there had went 1year now and i had gained 72.5kg i would guess 2-3of those kilos where fat

then i began on some thing called Afterschool this began after the summor weekation, and it was hard keepign on traning becouse i eaten there, sleep, train, and fool around

so i coundet choose what food to eat, and as i could see on the weight i had lost 3kgs on 3month… this made me crazy and i decided to stop traning just try to keeping the weight.

there went 3-4month and this is today, im kicked out of the school becuz i was angry about the food and that made me a negativ person, fights ect. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well now im back and ive got all the time in the world, i have bulked abit and im on 74kgs now and im really looking forward to train alot again

i was doing 2split the last time i trained and was pretty happy about it, but im looking for some thing new from you guys, ive seen that you use alot of 5split wich i really dont know any thing about

hope you can help !

5’9 160 is a “bulk”?

Well that helped me alot right there, nope…

i startet off being skinny and what i would call fat… atm im normaly builded and have a pretty good basement to start off with !

and yeah im bulking at the moment, and havent been training in 2weeks becouse of some probems…

but now im back and rdy to start again as i said, i just wonder if i sould keep on going with my old program

Breast, Shoulder, Triceps + Stomach

Legs, Back, Biceps, + Traps

Chill day

Breast, Shoulder,Triceps + Stomach

Legs, Back, Biceps + Traps

Breast: Benchpress / Cable flys

Shoulder: Military press / Uprightrow / Lateral raise

Triceps: Dips / Pushdown

Stomach: Crunch / Kneeling crunch

Legs: Squat

Back: Db bent over rows / Deadlift / Cb pulldowns

Biceps: Db curl / BB curl

Traps: Shrug

Basis: Squat, Deadlift, Benchpress, Military, Bent over rows

If its not broke don’t fix it. If this doesn’t work find some eggs and eat them if this still doesn’t work find a cow and eat it, you’ll make great progress. Last but not least, don’t forget to work you hamstrings!!