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Starting Again

What’s up T-crew.

Just thought I’d start posting my progress on the forum. I’ve been working out on and off since I was eighteen.(“on and off” being the key phrase here) As you can expect I haven’t really made any leaps and bounds. But here I am on the band wagon once again.

When I first started I did a push/pull routine three times a week. Stopped doing that for a couple of years and then did a little Body for Life routines for a couple of months before I changed over to the routine Leo Costa prescribes in his Big Beyond Belief book. Stopped doing that and started a three days on one day off routine that was working pretty well before I stopped about six months ago.

At the moment I’m a really bad example, but I’m planning on changing that at soon as possible.

I'm 6'2" 258 lbs. with double digit body fat (sorry never had it checked). We can say that I'm not severely obese, but I'm definitely smooth.

I’ve made good progress on all my past workouts in strength and muscle growth, but I have an ongoing problem with my fat mass. So, at the moment I just started myself up on the Body for Life program today. I figured it would be a good program to get me back into the swing of things and I’ve had good progress in weight loss the last time I did it.

My diet sucks, just do that you know. I’m going to start a food journal and see if I can keep better track of my intake. Once I’m watching my intake better I think I’ll try the principles for the Don’t Diet since it seems fairly balanced in my humble opinion.

I took my first serving of Surge today, by the way. Boy did it ever taste great. Keep up the good work people.