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Starting Again, New Program?

Hey guys, so I’m 19 years old, small, with an extremely fast metabolism (gaining weight is extremely hard for me, but I think i got the hang of my nutrition now so it shouldn’t be as big of a problem).

I haven’t worked out in a couple of months but before that I was using a 3 day split (chest/tris, back/bi, shoulders/legs) for quite a while with good results. Now that I am getting back in the gym, i am slightly inclined to try a different approach (i liked the previous results, but how do I know I cant get better results from a different program if I never try?)

So my question is can anyone recommend any strength programs? My goal is to gain strength n weight, but with strength comes weight so I don’t want any pure hypertrophy routines. I have been doing a lot of reading on this site and just cant seem to figure it out.

I am stuck between a total body routine and splitting it up to just 1 muscle group a day (chest, back, shoulders, legs, hitting each one once a week with roughly 4 exercises). These seem like 2 completely different approaches but from my reading are very similar in what they try to achieve. Any suggestions?

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Worth a look.