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Starting Again. Let's Get It Right This Time. Input Valued

Starting again. Going to do better at logging my journey.

Body stats before HRT

15% BF
diet poor and not interested in food

Body stats at end of week 2
Still 6’1 hahahah
18% BF
Diet drastically improved and hungry all the time

moving forwardto the present

Trt hasnt been the smoothest thats for sure, I became real lazy about my health over winter as I was having fun with friends, was drinking as of a month ago i was 115kgs guessing in at 30% fat.

No matter what dose, I suffer from high E2. No doc has helped me with an AI and symptoms continued. I then changed it up .5ml E2.5D felt better but as life got away from me it wasn’t consistent.

I decided I had to make a change, I stopped drinking about 4 months ago, my weight hasnt shifred. To assist that change I asked for Duramine 30mg perday. Recently adding in 200mg of caffeine. Thinking about aspirin too.

Been on this for 4 weeks, the first 2 weeks i lost 4ks - 8lbs havent been on scales since.

This last month has been interesting, a global shortage of Testosterone has meant Australia has none. I went 1 week without and then my GP Doctor gave me a script for Sustanon 250.

I took the 2ml in one shot to boost my levels, then 3 days later took .5ml. Next morning went and had full bloods done again.

I have a new GP who competes natty so he is going to work with me on bloods so the mess below doesnt happen again. These new bloods will be be available in a few days.

I did however, go back to my endo to ask what else i could do whilst primotestion and Sustanon are not available in Australia. He said nothing, so i asked if he would prescribe pct he said no.

I ased again for hcg he said no. So i basically said well i now have a legitimate UGL source should i just get it from he didnt exactly say yes but he definitely didnt say no.

So here i am with a little stash to tide me over its going to be bumpy as its a mix of Sustanon and primotestion.

But i need to finally find where my body is happy and either get back down to my pre trt lean 75kgs or hit the gym and get back to my built 95kgs. Not sure yet, i know what it use to cost me to maintain a lean 95kgs.

Few current stats
Currently 110-114kgs
29 years

I have a fair bit of understanding but there are definitely smart people on here. Would love your thoughts and to work together as i rebuild my knowledge again.

My blood work from last year is below, its a year out of date. But im going to improve that this time.

Goals, libido, fertility if possible

Ps, since starting sus250, im rocking the best erection i have had in years i feel like im 20 again. But i still need viagra atm and want to do away with that too.


So with the bloods, i have dated them. Jan 2107 is my first lot of bloods i had done raising the concern.

Then the 23/3/17 was my new GP as i moved states.

The 29/3/17 was the first endo bloods

The 26/4/17 was first bloods on trt.

Let me know what you think, i was diagnosed with hypogonadism.

Cheers fellas

@physioLojik how are bud, we havent spoken before, I have read lots of your posts whichs have been very interesting and informative. I really like your stance on AI’s however, i feel i suffer from really high E2, so i think you’re the right person to talk to and how everything isnt linked to Thyroid.

Could you please spend some time to read my past. Its 2 logs merged together to give an accurate picture. This time im going to be more proactive in my health management so i thought it would be best to merge.

Old info at the top, current info and all the bloods i took last year which had me placed on trt.

Thanks mate

Damn man! You have put yourself through the ringer!!

I’m sure others will chime in here, but taking your entire story as a collective whole, I can tell you this (broken record time)… you need to STABILIZE.And by this I don’t just mean your TRT protocol bro. You need to stabilize everything.

First, your source. It’s going to do you no good at all to start your own TRT with “having a small stash in hand”. That’s going to run out soon enough and you don’t want to have to figure out this issue in the middle of it. Get it sorted where you have a guaranteed reliable supply (I know that’s easier said than done in Aussie but you have to get it sorted nonetheless).

Second, your diet. Stabilize your eating habits and make a commitment to yourself that your not going to go back.

Third, your mind. Get it in your head that you’re in for a long road and that it won’t be easy. You’re not going to feel better overnight and there is no quick fix here, so the “injecting 2ml to jumpstart and then trying to go steady state with lower dosing” mentality has got to be corrected. Start with a dose and then stick with it. Be prepared to ride out the storm and allow yourself to be patient enough to ride it through.

Finally, your protocol. Again, start low and slow. Stay the course for at least 6-8 weeks and then re evaluate blood work and and do an assessment of how you feel. Based on that, if you feel that changes are needed then change a small amount and repeat the waiting process.

I would recommend that you start out of the gate with E3.5D injections on low dose so you don’t start an aramatase roller coaster and send E2 all over the place.

Just my .02 bro.

The training was many years ago now. Haha, but if i dont focus on eating clean and training i just automatically become a fat fuck. Life has always been a yo yo for me. Why is that? I dont know maybe my hormones have always been off.

Sorted, legit UGL recommended buy a mate. Who told me to just get on clen to drop the weight again.

Yea i try my best. Im a meat and 3 veg kind of guy. I just need to drop my coffee consumption. And im training the mrs how much to serve me, if its infront of me ill eat it.

I know what you mean, i had 2 doctors support that lol fml.

Thats my plan, i just have to stick to it. I dont hate pinning but i hate it. Next shot is tomorrow morning.

Cheers mate

Good to hear man. Sounds like you have a plan. Now you just have to do the hard part…execute! Lol

I can definitely relate here! I’m not very fond of it myself…still nervous every time if I’m being honest. I just have to keep reminding myself of how bad I felt 5 weeks ago!

Stick to it man. You’re gonna be ok. As you already know, there’s some good people here who have probably forgotten more more about TRT than I’ll ever know. We’ve got all the resources available, we just have to make it happen.

Cheers man,

You want to know what the funny thing is… when i was pinning myself 9 times a day with ghrp2/6, cjc1295, imorpellin, AOD, HCG. Then after each training session straight to the bathroom to pin s22 bilaterally in to each muscle i had just worked out.


My old man still to today thinks i had body dysmorphia. And its true i always thought i was small.

But now, its like ugggh really is it that day again.

Crazy how much of a perspective change you get when you age a little! Lol

@unreal24278 have a read when youre free, there about 10years worth of history lol

New bloods are in, will need to have a stern talking to my GP he missed a few key tests.

But my TSH test came back saying "Euthyroid Level. However if hypopituitarism (rare) is suspected, free T4 assay may be indicated…

Im shocked by these results, switched to sus250. Took one ml on Wednesday, then .5ml on Friday then the test was first thing Saturday morning. Would have expected my test to be much higher.

I have also never had such low E2.

Im confused

Maybe @unreal24278 can help with your T question. I think he has some experience with sus250?

On a side note, your LDL is high in every test that you posted where that was included so you might want to keep an eye on that. Maybe cut back on the red meat and sub in some fish? That’ll start screwing with your heart over time.

Yeah @bmbrady77 I can’t explain this, you shot 250mg of test, then another 125mg and the very next day your test is 27, that’s confusing. The peaks from sustanon (following 1-2 days post shot) should be far higher than that of test E, nadirs tend to be lower though. 375mg is a cycle dose, you should’ve had a TT of 45+, granted everyone reacts differently but your TT of 250mg/wk was 54.

  • Do you have branded or generic sustanon?
  • your LDL is too high
  • your RBC and HCT counts are higher than mine, that’s saying something, were you dehydrated at the time of the test? This can cause falsely elevated HCT and RBC counts
  • did you switch injection sites?

Thanks @bmbrady77

Now its been mentioned the high LDL may be related to dehydration as aswell as the RBC, HCT.

Im on 30mg Duramine at the ti.e of the test. That can make you quite dehydrated.

This has since been supercharged with 200mg caffeine and aspirin.

However, the LDL could also be a lagging effect of the heavy drinking throughout winter. But yes something to keep an eye on.

@unreal24278 the Sus250 manufacturer is Aspen.

I used the same quad as i alway do, there was a difference though when i took the first 1 ml of sus, i had a bruise that wouldn’t go away.

The next .5ml was nice an smooth. Im booked in to see the GP tomorrow ill organize another set of looding including when he missed.

Ok im confused,

I just received new blood work back, i have had 2 bloods done since starting Sustanon 250 - .5ml e3.5d. The first bloods was after 1ml then 3.5days later .5ml e3.5d there after.

Now i only asked for the standard bloods but got back 2 sets of results.

One set of results stating - cumulative fertility hormones

The other set of bloods stating - cumulative dehydroepiandosterone-sulfate

The first set has my e2 at 90 (<150)

The second set has my e2 at 170 (<170)

The latter sounds like where my e2 would be based on history.

Im lost.

@unreal24278 @bmbrady77 any ideas?