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starting after 65

I’ll be 67 in February, currently 190lbs, 6’2",
34" waist. Completed two 12 week cycles on EAS
challenge. Lost 32 lbs, but gained little lean muscle. My libido is high, come from a gene pool with age-to-burn…currently five in mid nineties. I want to challenge myself to be a
great physical specimen with reasonable mass and the plus of real definition. I’d like advice on getting started with hormones - not as replacement, but to boost my levels, and to be able to maintain strength, smoothe appearence and enormous vitality.

Take a look at Tribex, M, and ZMA. Do a search on the T-mag website and in the forum for all the background on these products. You will find a lot on Tribex and ZMA. M is new, but I’m sure an article will be out soon. All of these products work by enhancing natural testosterone production and/or reducing endogenous estrogen levels. You also want to get your Testosterone levels checked at the doctors office, not to mention look into Proscar (to slow down prostate growth and hair loss). This is just a start, but you should be able to get ahold of a lot of information about these products. Also, go to the biotest store and links to the pertinent articles about each supp should be there. Good Luck and congratulations on finishing two 12 week challenges.