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Starting Afresh


To start off iv done alittle training with weights but nothing to serious, now after 3 months of not going to the gym (illness and family problems) im hating the way im looking so starting to get back into it and improve on where i was before.

Now would i be better off doing the starting strength routine or a split routine such as chest tris, back bis and legs. my routine would be a 3 day routine and my main goal is to get fit and get in shape not looking to compete or anything.

im hoping to start workin out in the mornings where the gym is quieter so what would you reccomend to wake me up and get me ready.

all comments appreciated.


What is your goal? Muscle gain, fat loss, both? Just look good or to be a powerlifter?

Either plan will be fine. When you're just starting out it doesn't matter which plan you use, as long as you follow a few basic principles.

  1. Eat right for your goals.
  2. Lift heavy.
  3. Use compound movements.
  4. Stretch, warm up, rest.


Solid advice. The workout that works best for your may not be what works best for someone else. You need to experiment on yourself and figure that out. This goes for diet and even specific exercises down the road. For now, search for 5/3/1 or WSBB on the website and start reading up on those programs. Make sure you define your goals and have a deadline to keep you accountable.