Starting AD Calorie Question

I’ve been wanting to start this AD for some time and I will at the first of the year…but I have a question first.
If I’ve really only been eating about 2500cals and doing the 186xBW (235) I get about 4200 cals.

Even 16 x 235 is 3760c. Ya think I’d be OK just jumping up to 3700 or 4200 or should I ease into it?
I’ve read the book and didn’t see any mention of it beside finding my maintenance. I’ve had some hormonal issue but hopefully those have been cleared up.


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No need for this. Respect the advice/offer and move on if your not interested. Why should you easy into it? What are you concerned about? Follow the metabolic shift phase as prescribed to get yourself in fat burning mode ASAP. <30g carbs for 12 days straight while eating at your maintenance level.

So your BW is 235? In that case, yes, 4,200 kcals should be fine to start. The good Dr. P seems to want to make sure people are not under maintenance during the transition, so being at or above is best.

As you know from reading the book and the long thread on here (if you have not read at least some of my experience on the ad thread, you should), the transition should be longer than Dr. P reccomended in the original version of the book. I found 12 days to be ample, and subjectively fully transitioned with no problem and no crash.

Also, if it seems pertinent (as it may since you mentioned it) what hormonal issues? This may affect my and others advice on the diet.


I did the AD last year, after already being on a 500 cal deficit. I just matched my calories I was at… I found it impossible to bump up the 500 cals back to maintenance with no carbs. I don’t think it hurt me too bad.