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Starting a Winstrol Cycle


Hello all I'm wanting to start a cycle with Winstrol. I'm new so I would like to get advice from yall on here not the guys in the gym that don't seem to care to much about safety?


Stupid idea


Why’s that?


[quote]Donniebravo wrote:
Why’s that?[/quote]

i’ll answer your question with a question: why do you want to use winstrol?


I was told it would help in cross fit. But I found out it is testosterone suspension


Winstrol is not testosterone suspension. Winstrol is stanzozol…

winstrol is hard as shit on your joints, so i don’t think it would be very fun to take while doing Crossfit…


Cross fit lol


cross fit still exists?


When I was talking to my friend I misunderstood him he said it was a test suspension, it is in and out of your system quickly. So it’s not Winstrol And yes cross fit still exists,lol


Read the stickies man. No one is going to help you if you haven’t even done basic research. Also gtfo of cross fit.


Do you plan on competing? What are your goals?


I wanted to, I’m 41 years old and lacking the energy that I ised to have if there is another type that is better plz let me know I read up on the test sus it seams to give a quick kick to the test