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Starting a Strongman Team. NW GA or SE TN

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Iron,

Hello everyone. For those of you who do not know me I am Dustin Reed. I am a strongman addict and strength enthusiast. I am not a trainer nor am I a professional lifter…yet but, as I said I have the passion and drive to become a great strongman one day and, I am looking for other men and wemon who share the passion.

Maybe your not looking to turn pro but, would like to become stronger so you can do day to day things easier, to help you improve in the off season of a sport, or maybe you just want to see what all this “strongman stuff” is.

I am writing this in hope that there are a special few that are serious that match one of those above reasons to help me and yourself out. I am proposing that if we can get enough people to comit we can put our financial resources to get this team going. No its not going to break your bank but, money is definetly a must for this to happen just twenty or thirty dollars a month to buy new equipment and tools.

I already have much I can offer to the team(Olympic Bar and weights adding plates as often as possible and 2" and 3" thick, Two Barrels that can be filled with anything, Sand Bags, Sled, Two Atlas Stones and plenty of concrete to make more, Loading Platform, 550lbs Tire for flipping, Harness for pulling trucks and cars and I will put up my money every month as well.

If you are a serious athlete or just weekend warrior trying to become stronger or better at your sport (male or female I dont care if your willing to work your hardest please come out) I encourageyou to contact me if you are interested in getting this team started.

It will make you stronger, faster, and meaner this training is not for the faint of heart but, will produce results. If your not interested sorry for your loss and if you would please forward this on to any and all of your friends in the Chattanooga, Rossville, Fort O, and Surrounding area. Thank you and I hope to hear and train with you soon.

Once again my name is Dustin Reed contact me on here

If you are looking for good equipment at a great price to add to your collection, you can’t beat Alan’s stuff. He also custom makes stuff, if you don’t see what you want.

Man thank you that stuff looks awesome and its at a damn amazing prize