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Starting a Social Networking Site


A few of my boys and I are considering starting one of these sites like FaceBook, Myspace, and Twitter nd all that other jazz. Figuring that these sites will be booming for a few more years at least, why not throw our rocks in the pond? As it stands our sit will cater to things that high school kids arent interested in plus things old people won't understand....the college scene.older than myspace, younger than facebook....straighter than twitter

we've done a lil reading and found we need some script software

so what's the best?

anyone have any experience with this kinda thing?

any help is appreciated



I don't understand.

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I am sleeping, my body is at least.


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Nice, your eternal soul can operate a computer? Mine still struggles with opening doors. Which doesn't make sense, because it's corporeal.

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You're on a roll today, Rock.

But seriously, you're going to have to have a better target demographic than "college".


If none of you have any web-dev experience, then to be blunt, keep dreaming.

It's not easy making a site of that kind, and unless you have some brilliant marketing ideas then making a website network of that calibre will be pretty difficult.

I don't mean to be negative and I have no suggestions for software for you to use, sorry.




You and everyone else. And facebook IS for college. Every college has a network.


Ya bro, about a year and a half ago, I got a bright idea to make a site, and now here I am as an aspiring web developer, I switched my major and everything. If you are just going to up and do it, you have a lot of a learning curve ahead of you.

Unless you have some brother or uncle who is a serious web development guru, your best bet would be to hire someone or bring some in....and then well, if he thinks your site is a profitable idea, you're kind of shit out of luck because, he may as well just make it himself and cut you out.

You didn't hear? Mark Zuckerberg was hired by a Bizness Major and his "BoIZZZZ!!!!!111" to make a site they had written a business plan for called Uconnect, he worked on it for a little, politely declined to work anymore and then while they were scrambling for a new developer to make their "KILLER IDEA," he released facebook...

So unless you got the skills, what the fuck do you bring to the table? WE GOT DA BIZNESS SENSE, you and 95% of the college grads who can't find jobs or are firing ppl for smoking crack in the cooler at Denny's.

Also Business Sense is maybe good and valuable in something that involves immediate social interaction, however, with an online business, that something a nerd can run himself.
You guys should jsut pump budz, or sell RoIdZ, I think that is more at your skill level.


It's like you spoke Rock's language just so he could get what you were saying.


You could just start, FAG Connect, and make a site suitable for your own demographic.


At this point you are likely to need a couple million dollars startup if you actually want to gain enough market share for a sustainable business. Also, I'm pretty sure facebook is yet to turn any profit.

Youtube hasn't yet even figured out how to turn a profit. Given the current state of economics in this country, nobody is going to invest in a business model that is yet to prove it can be profitable.

Some more difficulties:

This doesn't even throw in the fact that others have pointed out, that is that you have no web design experience.

Weren't you planning on being a psychologist earlier this week?


You know vampirefreaks.com is already taken right?


collegehumor is doin well, jus' sayin.


real cool

assholes! lmao

seriously, didnt expect this to get flamed.... but whatever

its cool

I probably should start explaining more in threads

thanks for the few serious replies

we will throw this idea away

3IdSpetsnaz, whoever the fuck you are. I can accept the fire from these others because they've been around for some laughs......but who the fuck are you?

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other than that

no go on that vampire site, its a bunch of mall goths

Iour thinking behind the college demographic was to aim it at party life and call it blackout.com or something like that...would be something older people wouldnt have time for and things the majority of hs kids couldnt handle

keep flamin if you need to,it was just a question.

I'm out


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Yeah, but for a social networking site I mean. People aren't going to divert attention away from facebook or myspace for a site just like it that is for college. Plus college humour benefited from an early start, when there wasn't as much competition.


all points taken, and yes I AM studying to become a psychologist. This wouldve been a "wtf" type of thing, we were not basing our lives on it.


LOVE THE ENTHUSIAM dOUG, but my drams have been shattered. This is a fail.