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Starting a Push/Pull Split, Need Review

I’ve been doing a modified Starting Strength for several months and made some nice gains (squat and bench still aren’t quite as high as I’d like, but oh well) and I’m changing things up in my training routine. Part of this is due to my old routine becoming a little dull, but it’s in part due to a weight training class I’m taking.

The instructor is more of a fitness instructor than an S&C coach, advocating machines and higher reps (cause, ya know, it’s safe that way) and making sure to hit every body part. To give you an idea, I’ll post her recommended 2 and 3 day splits.

2 day split
Day 1
Bench press
Incline bench
Pec dec
Curl (straight bar or EZ curl bar)
Alternating dumbbell curl
Preacher curl
Triceps pushdown
Triceps extension
Ab work

Day 2
Leg press/squat
Leg extension
Leg curl
Calf raise
Shoulder press
Lateral raise
Front Raise
Lat pulldown
Ab work

3 day split
Day 1
Lat pulldown/pull ups
T-bar rows
Ab work

Day 2
Leg press
Leg curl
Leg extension
Ab/adductor (yes, the innie/outtie machine)
Calf raise
Shoulder press
Lateral raise
Front raise/upright row
Rear delts (I guess either pec deck or bent over lateral raises)

Day 3
Bench press/crappy machine that simulates benching
Incline bench
Decline bench
Curl (straight bar or EZ curl)
Preacher curl/concentration curl
Hammer curl/dumbbell curl
Push ups
Weighted ab work

Oh, and did I mention she teaches fitness classes? Zumba, hip-hop dance, step, and yoga too. Isn’t that swell?

Anyway, I talked with her after class and she said it isn’t mandatory to do one of the routines she has written down, just as long as what you’re doing is balanced. So as I said before I decided to go with push/pull split. After going over CT’s articles on program design and TC’s article about the push/pull, here’s what I came up with:

Monday: Heavy Pull
A. Deadlift - 8x3
B. T-bar row - 6x4
C. Pull-through - 4x6
D. Face pull - 4x6

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Heavy Push
A. Back squat - 5x5
B. Bench press - 5x5
c. Bulgarian split squat - 4x6 per leg
D. Shrug - 3x8

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Moderate Pull
A. Romanian deadlift - 3x8
B. Lat pulldown - 4x6
C. Good morning - 4x6
D. Curl - 3x8
E. Assisted chin - 3xf

Saturday: Moderate Push
A. Front squat - 3x8, last set to failure
B. Military press - 3x8, last set to failure
C. Walking lunge - 4x8 per leg
D. Incline DB bench press - 4x8
E. Assisted dip - 3xf

Sunday: Rest

As you’ve probably already guessed, I’m going for more intensity on the first two days and higher volume on the third and fourth days. I’m not positive about the set/rep scheme for it, so suggestions on that would be helpful, too. I’d appreciate any feedback on this, as this is the first program I’ve designed.

No takers? Wow. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Doesn’t look bad. But you could probably cut the volume in half on the moderate days. If they are moderate, you could maybe focus on hitting sets of 4-6 reps while trying to move the weight as fast as possible. You could get away with less exercises on those moderate days and still make progress.