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Starting a New Workout Plan Following Illness

So last week i got sick, and i was told to get off the ketogenic (been 3 weeks in not counting the last week) diet by the doctor, and eat regular foods (less fat, more carbs). So after a whole week of eating regular foods, and stopping the OVT workout, im back and finally finished the anti-biotic course.

So now my question should i resume OVT + Keto diet? or should i pursue another diet/workout?

Well that depends on your goals and whether the keto diet was working for you in the first place.

If it was working for your goals and you’re progressing and feeling good on it, then there’s no reason to quit. Doctors don’t know near as much as they like to think they do about diet and nutrition.

But of course, that also depends on whether the keto diet was done a) properly and b) whether it was causing health problems or blood work problems as a result of being done poorly.