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Starting a New Life


If you wanted to start a new life what would you do?
I'm specificaly interested in the joining of something, as in joining the army, or joining a buddhist temple, or something like that. We already had a thread about joining the legionnaires a couple of days ago, and I wonder what other options are?




I was gonna say "join a self destructive cult. Go out with a bang".


We're more of the highly productive, overly chipper cult. I heard there are some Branch Davidians out there though, maybe look into those.


Sorry, I wasn't implying that Mormons are a self-destructive cult. I should have just replied to the original post. I just thought it was funny that first reply that came to mind was also of the religious kind.


Whoa, whoa! Not that I think all religions are self-destructive...

Shit! Aaahhh! Foot in mouth syndrome!



Well if you are hung like a mule then the choice is porn, if you are hung like a 2 year old then well gay porn. Good luck with that.


MMA Fighter
Porn Star
Drug Lord
Preschool Teacher

In no particular order.


The best way to experience life differently is to change the attitude that you approach it with.

Same life, different results.

edit: that includes drug lording and gay porn.


On a serious note, I totally agree with you. I just got done reading an interesting book called the Biology of Belief. It talks about the biology of perception and how it affects your health and life. Changing your perception on life or "attitude" can drastically change your life.

I guess I should also include that I have trying it out and I've like the results so far.


Yeah, I threw that in there just in case the OP is serious.

I have made many changes over the years and that is the numero uno, biggest bang for the buck type of change that effects everything else.


I understand that. I just want to find a place where there's some kind of established routine and you don't deal with the aspects of the "real world", at least temporarly. So far I've thought of the army, monastaries, eco-farms, prison (not the best one, lol), and not much else. Is there something more?


I made several major life changes and when I was still young enough I did contemplate enlisting (spent some time at the recruitment office but decided against it) but all my life changes were driven by a desire for positive change and growth and enhanced experience, not escape. I kind of think you're thinking about it backwards.

If you want escape, take up booze and drugs :stuck_out_tongue: You want some new experiences and challenges, then think about those other things.


Step 1: Move to Buffalo, NY.
Step 2: Have your wildest dreams come true


A Kid I know lives in Alaska he tells me theres only 2 reasons to go there

1) Running away from something
2) Starting a new life


take some money, buy a cheap plane ticket to a random place and figure out what to do from there. I did this and lasted 3 months. But beware it's pretty exhausting.


Nope. None of those will work.

Try this. It's an old spiritual axiom of sorts, and I'm not sure of its origin, but it seems to work for me- When I am in conflict with my surroundings, It is I who is in conflict- Not my surroundings.

What I get from this is that it is not the world around me that needs to change to accommodate my discomfort or state of un-ease, It is I who needs to change.

If you can work that into a regular repertiore of thinking when things are getting sideways on you, life will get a little more manageable.


Come hire on the railroad, the outside world will disappear. There are days I forget what day of the week it is, and have more than once woken up at home and thought it was a hotel and vice versa.


Have thought about that. But probably would just end up a hobo in a week, lol