Starting a New Job & Supplements

Ello again everyone.  Its been awhile since I've hung out here; life has been taking some interesting turns but all is as it should be and I've yet to stop training.  However, you might say that my training is going to be looking rather different soon.

I just got a new job doing installation work for a landscaping company thats going to mean 8-12 hour days in the sun, with the possability that I might only be able to get 3 meals in the day(breakfast, lunch break, and dinner). I’m hoping I can talk my foreman into letting me stuff a Grow! bar down my throat every couple hours, but no guarentees. Since some nights I might have just about enough time to eat and then hit the sack for the next morning, plus the drain on my body all day, I’m not sure whether I’ll fit in regular workouts with this job.

This all said, I’m trying to decide what my next supplement order will be. I’ve tried Spike before and love the results, however Carbolin 19 is very tempting, especially since my diet will be a bit iffy(I’ll get plenty of calories and good ones, but just not regular throughout the day) and I’ll need all the muscle I can get for this job I’d imagine(I feel I have enough for the job but extra never hurts). So, its between energy and muscle… or both?

I’m wondering what everyone thinks about taking 1-2 Spikes first thing in the morning, and then 2 Carbolin 19 capsules plus a scoop of Power Drive 6-8 hours later at lunch. I’ll probably try to carry a Surge shake to sip on in the morning but afternoon I’m not sure about, probably just the water they provide. I would say my body accomodates stimulants moderate-high in nature. I have no heart problems or known diseases/medical conditions.

My hope would be to maintain my muscle and/or shift my body composition a little more. I don’t have serious hopes of gaining muscle with this job but I do have 5-10 pounds of useless fat hiding here and there that could go.

Let me know what you think guys and gals, I really appreciate it, and even more so, the hard workers at Biotest that come up with this stuff.

I am hardly an expert so fwiw…this sounds like a very good plan to me and similar to what I do. I am a huge fan of Spike. I started Carbolin 19 about 4 weeks ago so still need more time to really determine the impact. I will tell you I’ve had no problem taking Spike in the morning and Carbolin 19 in the afternoon.

Good luck.

Where are you in MD?

Thanks for the insight reddman.

trailer, I’m in Bowie, in Prince George’s County.