Starting a New Cycle Without Proper Time Off

So I’m currently about 10 weeks into a super basic cycle.
Test E- 600mg/week weeks 1-12
Mast Prop- 450mg/week weeks 1-12
Winstrol- 50mg/day x weeks 8-12

I was running EQ with this but stopped after about 5-6 weeks do to very painful uncontrollable acne. Only compound I’ve ever had this issue with.

Normally I would wait about 16 weeks (time on + PCT) before starting my next cycle, sometimes longer.

What kind of issues am I looking at if I were to only wait 8-10 weeks to start my next cycle? A friend wants me to do an untested show with him in about 25 weeks and this time frame would give me the perfect amount of time to run a solid cycle before the show.

Depends what your blood work says after pct. Time off/time on is a good basic rule, but as with all rules there are exceptions. If you’re otherwise healthy and your blood work verified that then starting a new cycle “too soon” won’t kill you. If you’re a mess after pct then yeah, you’ll want to not start a new cycle. But otherwise it can be done.

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a super basic 4 compound cycle huh lol…I like your attititude


that being said my ex girlfriend is a super basic bitch…


Thanks man, this was super helpful

Bloodwork is 100% going to be necessary, and I’ve never had any issues rebounding after a cycle so hopefully that remains the case here. I appreciate your feedback as always.

What in your bloodwork would you be most concerned about? I mean I’m on trt so I never really come off but are we talking lipid panels? Hct? Blood pressure? All of the above I assume?