Starting a New Cycle while on Prescribed TRT

Been on .4 MG of test cyp weekly for a year or so. It’s prescribed for low t. Wanting to start a new cycle my question is, should I do the normal .4 and cycle amount at the same time or is it better to do it separately?

I do my normal TRT dose 100mg/w 1/2 on Monday the other on Thursday. When blasting I use a different oil so I do them separately. M/W/F It is your choice I see no reason you could not mix say T cyp and TE in the same syringe.

I keep my dosing schedule the same (E3D) just for simplicity sake, but my prescribed stuff stays in the drawer while I blast. No sense in running your normal TRT routine and then adding days of running more test. Just up the test.

Agreed. Store up your TRT stuff and just use the cycle test

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I have mixed my script Test C with both Test E and Sust and always had good results