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Starting a New Cycle or Not?

Hey after a year from my last cycle I would like to start a new one (3rd).

The issue is that with my previous 2 cycle I always experience many side effects at some point (lethargy, sleep issue, ED). After PCT my T always come back to baseline (24 on a scale 8-29).

Every time I do blood tests and everything looks fine.

My idea for the next cycle is to keep it really simple:

300mg Test C per week (12 weeks)
40mg Anavar ED (6 weeks)
(3 weeks wait and then PCT)

Are the side effects normal or maybe is there something that I can do to prevent them?

Any advices?

That’s not really a cycle IMO. My doc-prescribed TRT is 160mg per week, and it puts me around 900ng/dL total T. I mean if you want to cut and try to maintain as much muscle as possible, I suppose that cycle would help. But I don’t think it will help put on much mass if that’s your goal. Are your checking things like E2 while on cycle? Really high or really low E2 can cause ED issues.

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I think you missed the 40mg ED Anavar in your assessment. 6 weeks is too short, but it’s a cycle.

IMO 40mg of var for 6 weeks is a good finisher for a cut cycle, but it shouldn’t be the meat and potatoes of the cycle. 100mg of test will keep you from feeling like shit being shutdown, but how much is 40mg of var for 6 weeks really going to do? Why shut yourself down for 12 week for what amounts to TRT and 6 weeks of var? It just seems like a waste of money and the strain of shutdown + PCT on your endocrine system for very little benefit.

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I didn’t say it was a good cycle, but it depends on how he responds to var.

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It would be 300mg per week of Cypionate and 40mg ED.

By experience That is plenty for me, I tried 80mg and I felt shit!

OK I’m pretty sure it used to say 100mg test per week. Maybe it was edited and 100 was a typo? 300 would be better than 100 by far.

Yes it was a mistake.

I wanted to say 100mg on Mon/Wed/Fri