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Starting a Log and Working Out

Well I have been lurking around here for a bit and finally decided that I am ready to clean up my act and become more healthy. I am a 24 year old male, 5’11 and roughly 140 lbs. I am pretty active, I paintball often, bowl twice a week, go to the skatepark once or twice a week and just in general pretty active.

But now I am ready to start eating healthier, drop the sodas chips and all that stuff.

I have read allot on here and am gunna start the defrancos hard gainer work out plan.

I allso have read and keep rereading the post 7 Habits of Highly Effective Nutritional Programs.

As of right now I am a smoker but plan on quitting this coming monday and plan on start working out the same day. I would like to keep a log but not exactly sure of what people like to keep track of or stuff they didn’t and now wish they did.
Aswell as anything else that may be helpful when going in for the long haul.

I would like be around 180 cut and healthy. Anything anyone has learned that may be overlooked that keeps you focused or something you eat that works well when low on time to cook. I greatly appreciate anything you guys can suggest.

you can be as anal an lax with logs as you want i used to log everything it helped and i learned a ton food, training, sleep, etc.

now i just keep a training log exercise sets reps and a separate pg log

Chris Shugart has written about food logs etc. i think there is a link in the T-Dawg 2.0 article might look at it.

other than that, be consistent, now youve talked it do it


Thanks there is allot of great info in there I really appreciate it.

I buy and cook all my own food so I’ve gotten pretty good at doing this efficiently. I’m sure I’m not as good as some of the guys who really eat a ton (10000 calories a day or whatever) but I started out at about your size and have gained 30 pounds since November.

Cook enough to last for 2-4 meals if you can. Chili is great for that.

Always keep some cans of fish and meat around so you can eat quickly. Also some nuts and bananas for high-calorie snacks.

Another fairly quick option is ground beef plus frozen mixed vegetables. Throw in some rice or buckwheat and you’ve got a meal in 15 minutes. If you have a big skillet or wok you can make enough for a few meals this way, too.