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Starting a Light Saber Company


Hey guys, A friend and I were discussing this over breakfast the other day and we decided we wanted to start producing and selling real light sabers that can slice and cut through solid objects. We already have people strong with the force in the lab testing out proto types.

This is only an idea and just wanted to know if anyone has any experience in this field?

Killed a Jedi?
Choked a bitch from a far?
Thrown Samuel L Jackson out of a window lately?

Pm me.


"So, Lone Star, now you see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb."


lol well done


Just keep those things away from an oil refinery. Yikes.




You don't want to sell me a light saber.

You want to go home and re-evaluate your life.


Real Lightsabers! Yeah thats a really good idea. You should def make different sizes for like kids and stuff. I just patented my new invention... Underwater Mace! It will help prevent rape when people are swimming and diving. You should market your lightsaber to protection agencies. It would be awesome if Air Marshals on airplanes had dual lightsabers, No terrorist would F**k with our planes ever again. Great Idea have you thought about your price?


Roughly 12 billion per lightsaber. The reason being that we have to actually take energy from the inside of the sun, and adapt it in such a way that it can be controlled and used for this product. We could make the mace an add on, such as having a button that sprays mace out of the button of the light saber?


I'm sold. Ship me one in every color ASAP.


12 billion? Yeah that sounds reasonable. I agree that you should put the mace on the bottom, because just in case the person with the saber is getting raped and forgets to use the saber part, then they could mace the asshole. Because using the center of the sun as your energy source ( Not very efficient ) You should consider using DeWeaponized Uranium. Im actually in the process of building a giant galactic battle cruiser with plans to move to another galaxy and my ships runs on deweaponized uranium. Its potant, sterile, and I love the taste.


u should consult angryvader


You're using deweaponized ukranians?

What are you gonna do if they get hold of a light saber?


You're using deweaponized ukranians?

What are you gonna do if they get hold of a light saber?


gonna be some pissed off Ukranians.


12 billion... man it's a recession. Any way you'd be willing to sell raw materials only for a bit off the sticker?? Not to toot my own horn, like I'm some council member or somethin, but when I get a Spike shotgun and a couple hits of blo... uh, pixie sticks, goin I can work some serious force magic and I'm pretty sure I could assemble my own world-ending excalibur. Also about the mace, I have to think the space might be better used by including a universal translator or currency converter.

Because honestly I can't tell you how many times I've been on one of the outer rim systems and looked like a complete dumbass because I couldn't figure out that some street urchin was just trying to complement me on my robes and not trying to start some serious shit. Anyhow, if you can hook me up let me know, looking for something in a soft green or blue!! Thanks Bra!


Kill the Russians.


If only there were a forum where this was a serious discussion...


"Stopped they must be; on this all depends. Only a fully-trained Jedi Knight, with the Force as his ally, should wield such a weapon."


Hey Nate i just got my lightsaber in the mail. My son really loves it. After he brought the saber to school when the school bully picked on him he cut off both his arms and both his legs. Now the bully is miserable. None of this coulda been possible without your invention! Thank you nate



I look forward to getting mine via fedex. And when they ask me to sign for it. I will turn it on and LOL at him!