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Starting a Gym, Building Recommendation?


I have been a gym instructor for 8 years. I want to start a health club of my own. My husband told me that he would help me.

I have a plot in the town and I was thinking about constructing a gym, It will a perfect spot. My husband told me that there is a company that does sustainable steel construction in Ontario. It looks like they do green construction.

What is your opinion about steel buildings for the gym? Share your suggestions.


What is sustainable/green construction?

I’ve done a fair bit of construction and fabrication, but don’t recognize those terms or understand how they’re used.


Steel buildings are less expensive than stick framed, concrete or masonry block, without sacarficing longevity. Some people don’t like the look, but you can dress them up with a masonry wainscot, paint and different wall panels. I’ve built four in the last few years. Three of which were gym/weight room buildings.

Green building and sustainable are terms that mean nothing to anyone in construction; it’s purely a marketing tool. Ask if there is any savings for not being green or sustainable. Haha


Knowing exactly zero about it, one of my main concerns would be the heating & cooling costs.


That’s the “sustainable” part.

Geothermal Heat Pump

Solar Panels.

Using layers of old 20oz plastic bottles to insulate.

Can you hook the Elliptical Machines to some kind of battery?